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Living with a Chef


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Some of you know that accomplished Chef Ani Phyo is living with davidtarrfoster and I right now


She is the founder of Smart Monkey foods, author of multiple books, and is an executive raw food chef.


davidtarrfoster actually makes quite a bit of food for me, and has since I moved in during the summer. Now we have a professional chef living with us and it is pretty sweet! It is only temporary until she moves away from Oregon, but so far it has been awesome. She's make a pie for us right now and made pecan nut milk yesterday before we went to the gym.


Even the dishes are done when we get home! (Dave and I are kinda messy but we're doing better with her positive influence here). She's also super cool and a joy to have around. She is good friends with Brendan Brazier and Tonya Kay from our documentary and she's getting to know our group of friends as well.


I'm sure we'll learn a ton from her, she just moved in a couple of days ago.


I'll try to get photos from some of the things she makes and post them later on.

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Clean dishes and kichen in general is a major plus, but the best part is that she is one of the nicest people I've ever met. She is just so friendly and outgoing. She spoke at the Vegan Holiday Festival on our all-star panel and did a chef demo.


We just had a raw apple/pear pie and hemp/almond/carob drink


Yeah, anyone can come over anytime. Our house is much cleaner, full of many fresh raw foods and there is an awesome atmosphere here. We had a good feeling before with just me and dave, but with Ani too, we're really rockin!


This is her company:



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I'm just excited! We've had an amazing last few months. Vegan Bodybuilder Alexander Dargatz from Germany came, as well as many others from the forum, Vega Formulator Brendan Brazier stayed with us, Tonya Kay stayed with us, and now we have Ani Phyo living with us! It has been really cool.


I look forward to seeing what's on the menu for tomorrow!

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I know, we've been thinking of it! Ani is in New York right now but will be back in a few days. She's made some awesome stuff for us. I think I'll learn a lot while she's here.


I also bumped into to xdarthveganx recently around town and we talked about another gathering. We have something like 20 forum members right here in town, so we gotta get together more often!

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