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Xmas + dog


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Here are some random photos i took on my brand new camera today.


Crotch shot!!!


Yangui U.X.O.



Tofu Stir Fry baby









Here's me grinning like a jackass and showing off my 2400 dollars worth of orthodontist work!!!






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Glad you enjoyed the crotch shot there.


I'm the only full vegan although my mom is almost there. Everybody who tried the tofu liked it a lot. Peanut oil is the key to stir frying(i'd like to thank Isa Chandra Moskowitz for that) and everything was yummy. Also had a really good marinade going.


I could probably convert my bro because he's extremely athletic. We're going protein powder shopping and there's no way in hell he's getting Whey protein. Everything i tell him to eat to get bigger is vegan. It's sad how kids think if you eat a steak/chicken/carcass(same thing) you'll put on weight and muscle when really all you're doing is setting yourself for a triple bypass in 30 years.

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Yummy! Veggies, Hummus, Tofu...it does look like you have a nice marinade going on there - what does it entail?


I haven't had a veggie stirfry in a super long time!


I hate working with electric stoves, though!! Gas is the only way to go! I mean it, I love gas cooking so much that it is literally a factor now in choosing places to rent...

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Yea we're redoing our entire kitchen this summer and we're getting gas appliances in there. My mom hates them. And now that i cook i hate them too.


No alcohol i think i was just grinning like crazy to be weird.


The stir fry was a Trader Joes "Asian Dipping sauce" that i added water to to make less saucey. I think stir fried everything in peanut oil.

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I had hummus on Christmas too!


Yours looks way better than mine did, though. I got this crazy idea to add some parsley or cilantro, and it turned the whole thing an obnoxious shade of green. Of course, this didn't stop me from eating it all myself.


Nice hummus.


Nice stir-fry.


Nice family.


Nice dog.


Nice crotch.


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I, too, had houmous at Christmastime.


I have just finished the last of it now, along with peeled cucumber-sticks - which was quite odd, but rather enjoyable.


Mine was gently spiced up, with mainly flavourful rather than heavy-chilli spices... so it had a warm sort of spiciness to it, and looked excellent.


I've made myself some garish green houmous before though, because i made it with parsley - it was wonderful !

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