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morning chic

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Hello All,

I am fairly new to the Vegan world, I have been weight training for 7 years. I am the wife to an awesome meat and potatoes man and mom to 3 meat & potatoes boys . I began a Vegan lifestyle about 6 months ago-never felt better! My fitness goals are to compete in a Triathalon in 2008. I will compete in a Bi athalon this summer. First time competitor. A Personal goal is to get my family on the Vegan track!

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Welcome! Thanks for the intro and welcome to our vegan athlete forum!


You came to a great place to get inspired and learn to help help your family move from meat and potatoes to a plant-based diet.


We have other triathlon and duathlon athletes here as well as runners, lots of weight lifters and other athletes.


Feel free to explore the forum and seek out answers for questions you have. We have other vegan parents here, vegan wives, husbands, kids, etc.


We're happy to have you on the forum with us.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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it's great to see you here

welcome to the vegan lifestyle too!

i'm a raw/living foods enthusiast

so for me, it's about all the yummy fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and more i have to explore and enjoy!

this way of eating really opens up the doors for creativity and flavor!

happy 2007 and best wishes on your training and competitions!!

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