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workout and diet advice please


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so about 3 years ago i seriously wrecked my knee playing soccer. i tore every tendon and was unable to run or even move properly. prior to that i used to play soccer, ride, and skate at least a few times a week. in the last 3 years i have lost all my muscle and put on fat. i weigh less now but not in the good way. i have had knee surgery and am taking martial arts now. my problem is i have no muscle or endurance. when i work out to build muscle i get smaller. i am sure that is just losing fat.

i need a workout plan and diet plan that will lose fat, build muscle, and hopefully show some quick results. i don't want to lose fat weight w/o gaining muscle simultaniously. any help would be appreciated. thanks matt

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hi matt


remember to give yourself time to see results

it's been 3 years, so it may take you almost this amount of time to get back to where you were


amazingly, muscle has memory, so when we do start exercising again, our muscles snap back quickly

you sound like you were super fit before your injury, so you'll be back in no time, i'm sure


muscle eats up our fat

for me with aging and all the fasts i've done, i noticed my metabolism slowed down

to speed it up again, i've been lifting weights (i don't want bulk, so do 3 sets of about 20 reps each) about 3 times a week, plus i do cardio to burn calories and for my heart about 5 times a week


the more weights you lift, the more lean muscle mass you'll build, the more fat you'll burn.

i'm not sure of your goals, sounds like you were lean before, rather than bulky like a body builder


and of course, nutrition is key

i'm a raw fooder, so i enjoy eating nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies

for lots of protein, i love vega after a hard workout, or hemp protein, or some blue green algae like spirulina, and sea veggies


and pre workout, i enjoy SmartMonkey Bars for healthy fuel as they're naturally sweetened with dates and fruits, full of nuts and seeds for protein


drinking protein smooties made from nuts, hemp, seeds is also a great way to get nutrients


i'd also guess that you are indeed getting smaller because you're loosing fat, which is a good thing

once you get smaller, weights and good nutrition will give your body the right building blocks to regenerate and grow


it's like with cleansing, you first get really small and some look really sickly,...until they let go of all the toxins stored in our fat. after that, building up folks look really great. sort of like starting with a clean slate.


hope this helps

best wishes on your journey back to your natural healthy fit self!

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