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Crafty me! Not to overshadow my sewing project but since buying the "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World"...Eva and I made "marble" cupcakes this week and I topped them with vegan fluffy buttercream frosting. Oh my...The pictures speak for themselves!



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Inspired by VeganMadre, Daywalker and I made a batch of cupcakes as well:




Making the batter:



All done (almost):


Strange, there were 12 when they came out of the oven . . .


Making the Ganache frosting:



Its not as easy as it would seem:



Putting the icing on the cake - literally:



So lucious!



Putting them to the test:



They DO make people happy!



Daywalker really likes his new cookbook and will try more soon!


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Great photos guys - though shame on you for hijacking Madres thread!

Hey, it's not a hijack!

It's a compliment - plus it adds to the thread and community


(those of you who know me would know that I really don't like cake on the whole!).

Jaja, i think you like cupcakes with a hole - i.e., doughnuts



I want to add that Crystal did as much work if not more in the making of the cupcakes, she's only not in the pics because she took them (obviously).


The cakes turned out better than i expected. Not too sweet, and even though we used 100% whole wheat flour, they are extremely fluffy!

The chocolate ganache is stunning, too.

They taste like small bites of heaven




I had less than Crystal! It's hard, but i managed to only eat 2!

Here is how i did it:

- I ate till i was full before approaching the cupcakes.

- I convinced myself i would only eat one, no matter what.

- There are 4 more people in the cult house who we have to share with, so i felt the obligation to leave some for them... d'oh

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I made some cupcakes as well! I made 3 dozen of the tiramisu cupcakes (from VCTOtW, of course) to take to a New Year's party.


Some vanilla cupcakes cooling:



A pan full of finished cupcakes:



A single cupcake:


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