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Group Travel or meet-up?


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I think I posted something like this in the past. Is anyone interested in group travel or some sort of meet-up in addition to the Vegan Fitness Week and the Vegan Vacation. Something a little different, like heading out to explore some place we've never been, or going on a cruise, or to the Caribbean, or a road trip or something like that.


I'm still working hard to make the forum grow so we'll literally have members from all parts of the world. It will take a long time, but we're making good progress. Nearly everywhere I travel, I can meet up with at least one forum member, sometimes a whole group (like when I visited Maryland or here in Portland).


Anyway, just wanted to throw the idea out there and open it to brainstorming.


I've traveled a lot, 31 countries and over 30 US states visited and I want to do more of it. So I think I'm going to start saving "traveling money" so I can do some of these things.


If I hear about a cool trip someone is going on, maybe I'll be able to go too, or something like that.


Thoughts on any of this? I'm just having fun meeting a bunch of you in person and looking for ways to do it more often

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Didja know that Travel is my middle name?


I'm always up for traveling and doing it with forum folks would be very cool! A Cascadian &/or Left Coast road trip sounds great & quite doable. On the other hand, I do have not 1, not even just 2 but a grand total of 3 Costa Rica guidebooks sitting in front of me. That just might be some sort of sign...

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