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Dear Moderators...


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As far as I know this doesn't affect me personally, but it has come to my attention that posts in some threads have mysteriously disappeared this week.


A nice protocol, as practiced on Vegan Fitness as well, is to notify the offender that their post has been deleted and why. Often a public discussion is also warranted. Otherwise, we just have what could only reasonably be considered the "thought police".


Thank you!

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Thanks Michael,


Good to get some feedback. I know I deleted a few posts this week, but they are hardly ever deleted or removed in general. Sometimes they are moved and I don't always leave a "shadow orginal post" I just move them to where they fit.


But yeah, some were deleted this week, the first time I've removed things in a while. If anything has racist or dorogatroy comments I take it off because it doesn't have a place here. The only other time I eliminate stuff is when people have posted something and for personal reasons they inform me they would rather not have that post there (something they could even do on their own with the 'edit' function, I believe).


As far as I know the Moderators haven't deleted posts, it was just me looking out for the best interest of the forum and removing some offensive slang terms that didn't need to be there.


Thanks for the heads up and feedback. I don't "police" very often but try to when it seems appropriate.


Happy New Year

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I agree with michealhobson. A little note on why the post is deleted/edited could be a good gesture.

Even if I trust the moderators (and I do) I still have trust issues with all kinds of leadership and I want as much insight as I can get.


Don't take it personal robert, it's really me who have the problems

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We're probably called "moderator" only because the title "member who takes care of SPAMMERS so robert doesn't have to mess with that crap" doesn't fit neatly on the page. Seriously, though... the role, as I understand it, is meant to be that of facilitator rather than police. In my opinion, censorship of anything except patently offensive content (flames, racist comments, etc... stuff we rarely see here anyway) crosses the line between facilitating and policing. Maybe that helps to clarify?


Out of all the forums I've participated in on the internet, I've never seen a group where all the members treat one another with so much respect, nor have I seen a friendlier and more welcoming bunch. We've also had remarkably few trolls. Like Zack mentioned, there's little need for moderators here. As the forum continues to grow, that may change... but maybe not.


As for the spam issue - I've zapped several of those in the past few days. (If you replied to the spam, I deleted your reply along with it. Sorry.)

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