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UFC 66 **spoiler warning!**

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It's all over. I think I'm more excited about UFC 67 than I ever was about 66. It wasn't bad tho. The streaming UFC On Demand thing works really well, once I'd gotten the update for a browser I never use - IE7. I missed the Bisping fight due to said update. I really enjoyed seeing Jason MacDonald submit Chris Leben, not just because MacD is a fellow Canuck, but because I just can't stand Leben.


The Griffin-Jardine fight was surprising and great, until Forrest proved that he's a good winner, but a sore loser. I think him running off right after the bout was a career blunder. I hope it doesn't hurt his chances of getting good fights, I like him as a fighter. I have new respect for Keith Jardine tho - good fight.


Chuck, Tito. I don't know. I expected Chuck to win pretty much as he did. Maybe Rampage will stop him again. Somebody's got to! It was a fun fight to watch tho. I can't believe CHuck let Tito up in the first round, he might've finished it there. He'd have felt pretty stupid if he lost after that.


Arlovski looks like he's on the comeback, but the Heavyweight div is heating up - I don't know how far he'll get.


Like I said, 66 was like an ad for UFC 67 and I'm more stoked to see the next one. Either way, 2007 is going to be a good year for UFC.

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here is another fight from that night. ended suddenly and dramatically with less than a minute left in the first round.

Forrest Griffin vs. Keith Jardine


a friend of mine made a funny observation. he said if keith jardine dyes his goatee black, he looks like anton lavey (founder of the church of satan!) his pact with the devil has given him super human strength!




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