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What did you look like...?


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Since I am a teenager, this will work.



Age 19


Chrysander Says I have a nose like Link from the Legend Of Zelda video game.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/URCapache/smiley.gif

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I personally don't think I looked much like Ozzy back when I was that age. But more these days from when I was about 19+ or so. He was about 19 when he was in Black Sabbath in the early days (when that photo was taken) so that works out about right. Maybe I'll continue to age like him, except without any drugs.





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As a teenager? Here is me at age 15 (1995).






This could be funny...


You look so pretty nicole. Do you mind when/if someone tells you, you look like someone else? I ask because I find it annoying when people tell me I look like X_Y_or Z celebrity, and I try not to tell others they look like someone; but, if I may, you look very much like Robin Wright (Penn), especially, the first photo . You also have similar smiles. She's very pretty.


~ "Run, nicole...run" ~


My teen pics would scare y'all -- big hair

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