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Bunnylalu 2007 spring contest log

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I just found out about this contest - January 1 to July 1 2007 - and am thrilled to participate!! I will keep this log mostly as dialog for the ups and downs of the journey.


Fitness goals: bunnylalu aka Christine – Dallas, TX

Vegan since Oct 2004

Age: 47

Goals: lose the flabby stuff mainly

Lose fat & tone muscle

Look good in a tank top

Maintain workout program for 6 months (January – July) =

3 days per week strength training

5-7 days per week = cardio, bicycling, and other fun activities

Current weight: 204

Desired weight: 165

I have a software program called Fit Day where I keep track of all other statistics, body measurements, calories, activities, etc.


Jan 1: note to self - vegan chocolate only!! Non-vegan sources of chocolate are now BANNED from my life.

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Lelle is in charge this time, I'm totally out of the contest, so it will run much smoother as well. I am still working on getting all the data up from all of you who participated in the last shape-up challenge.


Best of luck in this one as well! I'm sure it will be great!

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:lol: I love that feeling! I've been so focused on cardio lately that I haven't felt that in a while! Keep up the good work!


It always amazes me that after months (or more) of no weight lifting, that the muscles snap right back into form. Painful form, but form none the less


I rode my bicycle the 12 mile route yesterday to loosen up my thighs so I can do some weights today.

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Another kick ass day - Thursday: weights, cardio, cals under 1900.


Still adjusting to weight lifting - delayed onset muscle soreness makes me walk funny!! (I haven't done any weight training since Sept 06 - and then I only did it for 3 months for the summer shape up challenge (July 1 - Sept 24, 2006) Before that - I hadn't lifted weights since 2001.

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Another kick ass day! Hooray!


and no tooth pain!!!!


Plus my sister, a fitness trainer, explained the concept of periodization.

1. Conditioning (2 weeks)

2. Hypertrophy (4-6 weeks)

3. Full on strength (1 - 2 weeks)


I will give it a try, but always being careful I don't use too heavy of weights. My muscles work fine but my ligaments act their age (47)

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today is a perfect day:

Sunny but not hot

Walking the dogs - 2 miles

Bicycle ride - 12 miles

lower body strength training - 1 hour


Last week: walking the dogs most days

strength training: upper body - 2 days

Lots of stretching


New food plan: follow Dr. McDougall guidelines (I ordered 2 books from Amazon that should be here Friday). Until then, make recipes from website. Why? counting calories didn't help weight loss. my weight plateaued at 195 all month. Too many (1/3 or more) calories were coming from fat (nuts, margarine, chocolate, protein bars, etc)

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