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Contest Training Journal for markc7 and WendyRC

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Hi gang!


Since WendyRC and I are husband and wife, we decided to do a joint training journal for the 2007 contest. We are both ultramarathon runners, and both work out regularly at the gym. We have very different goals for the next six months. My goal is to gain some muscle definition and lose a small amount of body fat, although admittedly I don't have a whole lot to lose. I would also like to increase my muscular endurance.


My major running events for the year are a 30 km race in March and a 160 km race in May. I might also run another 160 km race in September with Wendy, but we'll see how the first one goes before I decide.


Today I weighed 189.5 lbs. I did a 60 second pushup test, and did 51 before reaching muscle failure (at around 55 seconds). I plan to work out at the gym three or four times each week, divided into fairly basic upper/lower body split. A workout typically contains about 10 exercises, 4 sets each, 8 reps per set. I especially enjoy doing exercises for my core and calves.


Looking forward to this contest. Good luck everyone!

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Hi Gang, I'm WendyRC. This is my first contest on VeganBodybuiklding.com. My goals for this contest are: weightloss, toning, and increase muscular strength and endurance. I plan to measure my success in each goal using a weigh scale, measuring tape, and a 60sec push-up test respectively.


I am hoping that by achieving these goals I will feel better about my overall fitness and improve my running performance. I am currently training for a 100 mile endurance run in Sept 2007. I completed this race last year, but incurred some injuries along the way that hindered my performance. Through this competition I expect to reduce my risk of developing injuries during my training and race.


Starting info:

Weight: 163lbs

Measurements: Upper arm: 11.5in, Waist: 32in, Hips: 39.5in, Thigh: 25in.

60sec Push-up Test: 10 (on knees)


My plan to achieve my goals is as follows:


Heart Rate Training Zone: 146bpm (25b/10sec) to 158bpm (27b/10sec)



Frequency: before each workout

Intensity: 100bpm (17b/10sec) to 135bpm (23b/10sec)

Time: 5 to 7 minutes

Type: Eliptical


Stationary Bike

Treadmill or Walking outdoors


Cardiovascular Training:

Frequency: 4x/wk

Intensity: 146bpm (25b/10sec) to 158bpm (27b/10sec)

Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Type: Running outdoors


Resistance Training:

Frequency: 3 to 4x/wk

Intensity: 70% to 80% 1RM

Time: Reps: 8 to 12, Time per Rep: 4 seconds (2sec concentric, 2 sec eccentric); Sets: 1 to 4, Rest between Sets: 30 seconds to 2 minutes

Type: 4 day split: Monday and Thursday: Chest, shoulders, triceps, core; Tuesday and Friday: Legs, back, biceps

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Yesterday and today I did runs of around 6.5 km. Yesterday Wendy and I ran together, and today I did my run on my own. The university gym opens up again tomorrow, so I'll be able to start working out there.


Oh yeah, I just remembered that I have a bodyspace page over at bodybuilding.com, if you want to check it out.

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hi Mark & Wendy,

Thanks for sharing your workout enthusiasm for this contest and Wendy - your program is outstanding. You can count on me for support these next 6 months as we all work to get in better shape and finish the contest


In fact, I don't feel like it is a contest where we compete against each other, but a contest where we compete with ourselves, compete with our negative self-talk, and refute our disbelief that we can move beyond status quo.

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OK, so it took me a bit longer than planned to get in the gym this week. On thursday I didnt go because I thought I had lost my student card; today I found it in my gym shorts. D'Oh!


Since I haven't done weights since before xmas, I took it fairly easy today, and lowered the weights a bit to avoid injury or soreness. Here's what I did:


10 minutes stairclimber

50 crunches + 2x10 incline crunches

bent over dumbell rows 8x35lbs + 3x8x45lbs

dumbell chest press 4x8x45lbs

cable row 8x100lbs + 8x115lbs + 2x8x130lbs

preacher curls 2x8x40lbs + 8x30lbs

reverse fly 3x8x45lbs

pec fly 2x8x100lbs + 8x85lbs

tricep pulldown 3x8x60lbs

lat pulldown 8x130lbs + 2x8x115lbs

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I ran about 21km on Sunday in just over 2 hours. I felt very good, except that I didn't have quite enough calories with me on the run (just one bottle of gatorade), so towards the end I slowed down quite a bit.


Monday's workout was arms. The gym was crazy busy (11:30-12:30), so I didn't get quite as much done as I planned, but it was still a good workout.

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Today's run was cold cold cold. About -20C! But I was well dressed and had a great time. I ran into a couple of running buddies of mine, and we chatted for a bit. Otherwise, I kept the pace a bit higher than usual, and did my 10.5km in just under 55 minutes.


PS: Wendy has been training the last week, but just hasn't had a chance to post here. She's getting started in a new job, but once things settle down she'll hopefully have more workouts to tell you about.

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Thursday Wendy and I went out for a short run together. She's still a bit out of shape (running wise), so the pace was a bit slow. But she's been doing awesome gym workouts, so she might have been a bit worn down too.


Friday I did a legs and abs workout at the gym. I've been avoiding doing squats because I have a fairly weak back and have hurt it before doing squats. Yesterday I did a couple sets with barely any weight, concentrating hard of good form. And my back felt fine! Woohooo!

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Hi Everyone. Sorry for not posting in the last 2 weeks. I was spending all of my free time studying for an exam, and then also started a new job. I did however fit in a few workouts.


I'm doing a 4 day split as I mentioned above, and now that I've tried both workouts a few times, I can truly say that I love them both. I worked my pects and triceps to failure one day doing a dumbell press. I was so surprised by the feeling of complete failure. It was amazing to me to think that there was nothing left in the muscle. I kept pressing forward eventhough my arms were staying still. Then all of a sudden one arm just collapsed. Don't worry, I was safe and had a spotter, but I loved knowing that I completely drained the muscle of all energy. So now, I try to work all of my exercies to failure during my workouts, just because I love how it feels.


I also did a few runs during the week. It's been a few months since I last ran so I felt a bit slow, but nonetheless it was a great cardio workout. I'm hoping to increase the number of runs per week, which means I'm really going to have to push myself to get out there in the cold. I'm not a real fan of winter running, but I would rather get outside than stare at a TV on the treadmill at the gym.


More posts to come.

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My runs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were 10km, 6.2km, and 14km respectively. There's new snow out here, which is making running outside lots of fun.


I'll probably hit the gym tomorrow sometime, and then go for a short run with Wendy. Sunday will be a moderately long run, maybe 15-20 km.

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Today was my legs and core day at the gym. It went very well, and I increased the weight on my two favourite exercise, the one-legged quad press and the seated calf press. Each of those is now up to 230lbs, (four sets of 8 reps).


I also did hamstring curls, squats, incline crunches, side bends, back extensions, and thigh adductor/abductor. My legs were pretty tired at the end, so I may or may not go for a run tonight.

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You are SO GOOD!!! Truly an inspiration!


I'm really glad you are participating


Thanks bunnylalu!


Today I did my upper body workout. Did dumbell chest press in a superset with bent over rows, lat pulldowns, side cable raises, incline chest press, preacher curls, tricep pushdowns, pec fly, reverse fly, and side dumbell raises.


I felt great the whole time, though my butt is sore from the quad press yesterday.

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Cold, quick run this evening. Nothing special to report.


Tomorrow I'm working out at the gym. After avoiding them for some time, I'm planning to add deadlifts to my Friday routine. Wendy is showing me how to do them properly, and I'm going to start with barely any weight for the first couple and concentrate on form. Any other advice would be appreciated!

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