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hey I´m new here and so I wanted to say hello

I´m from Germany and take part in the competition. I´m vegan for three years now.

My goal is to loose weight and to become a better condition.

I´m very intense to this board.

But I must excuse me for my bad englisch


Greets , Shinya

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Welcome Shinya!


Great to have you here. Guten Morgen. We have many Germans here and it's great to see the community growing!


Thank you for finding our forum and for joining us. I know Lelle is bringing lots of people to the forum for the fitness competition and I think it great!


Have a great time and I'm sure you'll make some good friends and learn a lot as well.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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I think Richard calls everyone "man" or "dude", so I just get used to it


Thanks for clarifying though. It's good to know. A bunch of us use an avatar photo to show who we are. Of course, I have my back showing so people can't see my face now, but my old photo was a face photo.


Again, welcome and have fun!

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Great! Two more people in the same area? Or at least from the same area. I love seeing the community grow, especially in regions where we have other members too. I always enjoy all the meet-ups going you.


When is the next meet-up in Germany?


Thanks again to Lelle for bringing you here and thanks to you for joining us. You'll have a great time!

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@flanders77: I´m from Münster , too


That`s great!

Give me some more details!

Where do you live/train/shop and what do you study/eat?

I live in the Katharinenstr. 13 with my partner and our daughter Marla (1,5 years).

I studied sports sciences in Bochum and work in Duesseldorf.

We shop at the Couscous Bioladen and my diet is vegan (80-90% raw).

I train at home as you can see in my



Feel free to pm or call me on the phone (0163/6663602)!

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Hey everyone

I registrated me to this forum before a month but - blame on me - did not do any sports till now ... except from about 60 sit-ups two or three times a week


but there is a little hope that I will do more sports in the next time....

today I will go to a kickboxing-club - three years ago I trained kickboxing five times a week and it was really great! - if the club is good I will train there three times a week from now on


thanks to all people who geet me welcome to ths board !


and: SORRY for my bad englisch! I´m really not good in writting Englisch and I only had 3h slept

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