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Canada over U.S. in World Junior Hockey semifinal

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in a shootout.


This country is crazy!

Practically everyone at work was listening to the radio hanging on every shot. Whenever Canada scored, there was this loud cheer coming from every direction.

Canadians sure take their hockey seriously!

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sounds like the mania was EVERYWHERE!

A co-worker was out at lunch. Apparently all the kitchen staff was out in the lounge watching the shootout.


reminds me of world cup soccer fever!

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Nice, thanks for the update! Sounds exciting. I love the excitement of certain sports. I know some things get out of hand or are silly, but I really do like how sports bring out so much emotion and bring lots of people together.


I remember working on cruise ships with people from 60 countries and watching things like the World Cup, The Olympic Games, and every other sports championship you can think of. It was so cool to be in that environment, everyone cheering for their native land and celebrating with friends and all that stuff.


Sports excitement can be great.

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I agree with you!

It's amazing how it can pull a community, country or the whole world together.

(I especially like it when it's amateur sport)


The only downside is that some people take it waaaaay too far.

Case in point would be the number of World Cup soccer related suicides

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Luckily I no longer follow hockey as closely as I did before. If I did maybe I wouldn't message you again until the US takes the title back next year.


Of course you would need a title in order to take it back

Canada vs. Russia today.

It's plastered all over the news, radio etc....

There was a news story last night about how employers are expecting absenteeism and long lunches.

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Canada 4 Russia 2


Another gold medal. WHOOO HOOOO (eh)

I was dilligently working away while so many others were at restaurants & bars watching the game.

I'm sure I'll be rewarded

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It was most depressing here when they lost at the Olympics.

It's all you heard about. dissecting the team, the coaching staff, the age of the players....

The consensus was that the team was too old. They didn't even bring Crosby.


They have an awful lot of good young players coming, so watch out!!!

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