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Hello team!


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Hi all,


Just a quick hi to you all. Torchwood is about to start so can't speak long!

I practice Chow Gar kung-fu, do some kick boxing, and have my own weights gym in my garage (i.e. rack, bench and free weights). I look forward to posting more soon!





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Welcome to the forum jonwade!


Great to have you here. We have a really cool group of vegans and we all learn from each other, motivate one another and in general, have a lot of fun here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the group. All the best!


Thanks for finding us and welcome aboard!

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Hey Jon,


How is the kickboxing coming along? We have a number of members who compete in a variety of martial arts and boxing. We have an entire section of the forum dedicated to it.


I hope all is well and we do look forward to hearing more from you.


All the best!

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