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hope christmas and the new year was great for everyone


Now im pretty sure i read that there was basically nothing you can do to make love handles extinct, If anyone has any ideas to rid these ugly things please reply!


Working out when sick? do we or do we not?


I had other questions but they have totally vanished from my mind

thanks in advance


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If I'm sick I do as much as I can...normally if I feel really bad that may just be abs which I never give a day off unless I'm so busy I can't get to them. As for the love handles you've gotta do a lot of cardio

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I think I read the other day that love handles are to do with where you body stores fat (which is to do with genetics). I assume that if you reduce your body fat that they would reduce, but I also remember reading that often the waist/belly is the last place to lose fat.


I seem to store fat in a little bulge at the base of my stomach and on my lower back.


I took a break when I was sick to try and get better.

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This is the last place I really have any significant fat left(its mostly extra skin now though). Its hard to get rid of and ab work isn't the key as many people believe

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The general rule of training I've always heard it, if you're sick from the neck up, train if you'd like. If you're sick from the upper chest on down, rest it out for a few days. Probably since if you're suffering from any respiratory issues you don't want to exacerbate things any, I suppose.


That's what I've always heard as well.


But even if your symptoms are only from the neck up and you feel too crappy to workout...don't. Taking off the time you need to recover is better than forcing yourself through a workout and stressing your body so it can't go about its job of healing.


As for love handles: people tend to carry excess fat in various places on their body. For women, it's lower abs and hips, for example, and for men, it's often the 'love handle' area. If you get your body fat down, they will go away, but unfortunately, some people have to go really low to reduce their genetically-programmed fat store areas (for example, for me not to have a lower belly bulge--when my body likes to store 'extra,'---I would have to get such a low body fat that I get a bony chest, and that's not a look I like).

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