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Looking for Super Nintendo Games


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Lately I've been relaxing a bit and I've found that playing Super Nintendo is a good way. It is really the only video game system I know how to play.


I realize that is is well over a decade old, and sucks compared to most systems, but I like it.


It also means that games are only a couple of dollars now, if not free. My roommate davidtarrfoster and I enjoy playing so if anyone has any Super Nintendo games they'd like to sell or give away, please let me know.



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Thanks for the info, yeah, I'll check out local places. I know not too many people are willing to sell or give up games, but some are because they just moved on to better systems. But I like the old school stuff and I'll look around at game shops here in town


But.......if any of you out there do want to get rid of games....let's talk

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We may actually have a few of those kicking around.


My son likes the newer stuff and I like the even older stuff (like telnet-based games and old atari stuff... I'm such a geek) so I can probably send a few. I'll PM you when I figure out what we've got.

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Awesome. I'm not really into games and I don't ever plan on buying another gaming system. It just happens that we have a Super Nintendo and I find it to be a good way for me to relax. I don't have a lot of "me" time to just chill out and old school SNES works for me.


The more variety of games, the more fun it will be.


Right now we have games like:


Street Fighter II Turbo and regular

Mortal Kombat 3

Marioworld and Mariokart

Super Tennis

A football game

A basketball game


A car racing game

A space ship game

A baseball game

and a few others.

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It's great to see so much action here in the classified section!!!


I'll keep my eye open for games Robert - my family greatly enjoys treasure hunting at thriftstores, yard sales, free boxes, flea markets & similar places so we'll probably find something for ya sooner or later.


Oh yeah, my wife is looking for an Atari for free/cheap if anyone has one.

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I realize that is is well over a decade old, and sucks compared to most systems, but I like it.




It may suck in the hardware specs, but the Super Nintendo is one of the last systems made where the games were actually fun to play, and not interactive movies. The problem with systems today is that designers have this philosophy of "Why have fun when we can produce volumetric atmosphere"?


My little brother just moved out a couple of months ago and took the SNES with him, but I still have my copy of Chrono Trigger though, if you'd like to borrow it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

oh... great years.. of simplicity and fun..

hours and hours playing mario.. that was one of the coolest thing in my ''childhood''..


a good place to buy those are open-markets.. they usually sell a lot of old stuff..

there's also ebay.. they've got everything...

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Thanks Michelle!


You are awesome!


I just came home from a meeting to find a box with Super Nintendo games in it that came in the mail from Michelle!


This is great and I will no doubt play them soon!


Brendan Brazier and I are off to the gym and then Blossoming Lotus, but we'll play some games later on.


Thanks again!

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