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The coolest vegan t-shirts on cafepress.com


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I think this has been posted before, but there are some awesome vegan tees.

















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Cool! Thanks for posting. I wear a shirt that says "vegan" on it in some way, pretty much everyday. Most are Vegan Bodybuilding ones, but not all of them. I have a variety of ones I wear. I just like to spread the message daily to even those behind me in line at a store or at the gym, or on the bus or in a restaurant, etc. It all helps a little to get that word out there more and more for people to think about and consider it for themselves.

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My favorites are the "powered by tofu", "i think therefore I'm vegan", "seitan lover" and "hunters: bad for families". I especially like the last one.


Hunting was really my first insight into veganism. My dad would hunt. He wasn't any good and never actually "killed a deer" but he'd still go. I remember sitting with him and sobbing hysterically begging him to not go hunting. I was probably about my daughter's age (4 or 5). I was pleading. "But what if it's a mommy deer? Like bambi's mom??!" My dad silenced me by saying: "Don't worry, it's buck season".


I was too young to fully understand what that meant. Now, I'm just ed. It clarifies so much for me. So sad.

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i like those 2 against hunting, the only problem is that 60% of students in my school are rednecks, they can shoot me if i wear somethin' like that.


do you know any other, better ones? something with a catchy phrase, and not too obvius?

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Here's one for Rob.








and on that note, here's a funny one...




I'm more of a subtle kind of guy myself, I like stuff like this, I also have an herbivore sticker on my car.



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