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Vegan Vacation 2006


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There are a few of us on the forum who have been discussing a Vegan Vacation in the summer of 2006, a year from now. I know that there is a vegan fitness week over in the UK each summer and Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness is going to sponsor a Vegan Vacation "temp name since it's appropriate" here in the US/Mexico/Caribbean area.


So we're looking for a planning/organizing committee. Of course, I want to be on it, and I know that Compassionategirl and Topher have also expressed great interest in helping to organize it.


We can collectively brainstorm all kinds of ideas of When/Where/For How Long/and What we'll do for our Vegan Vacation. Of course there will be a Vegan Fitness theme to it with emphasis on health/wellness/fitness/Bodybuilding/Nutrition and…..FUN as we meet in person and hang out for a week or longer.


So please share all of your thoughts here on this thread, and EVERYONE is welcome to post ideas/suggestions and then once we're somewhat organized, we'll get a committee together to work out all specific details for costs, accomodations, traveling, etc. (the research part, but we have nearly a year to get that done).


So as Nat says……"start saving some money now" So we can have lots of fun next summer.


Here are some of MY suggestions for places and times. My thoughts on events and WHAT we'll do will follow (I'm at work right now and will be busy all night with projects but will add more thoughts soon).



Vacation Destination Brainstorming 2006:


San Diego, CA

Key West, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hollywood, CA

St. Thomas, US Virgin Island

Nassau, Bahamas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Cozumel/Cancun Mexico

Portland, OR


San Francisco, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Phoenix, AZ



Vacation Dates Brainstorming 2006:


End of June

Beginning of July

Middle of July

End of July

Beginning of August

Middle of August

End of August


So PLEASE get EXCITED about this and add any input you wish!


-Robert Cheeke

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I was JUST about to write in the other thread, but you were quicker!


So PLEASE get EXCITED about this and add any input you wish!



I don't give any input (i trustfully lay it in your capable hands), but i'll face anything to be there, too!



Virgin Island and Bahamas definitely sound nice, but i bet no matter where it takes place, it's gonna be a great time. End of June sounds best - it's closest!

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Virgin Island and Bahamas definitely sound nice, but i bet no matter where it takes place, it's gonna be a great time. End of June sounds best - it's closest!


I totally agree with what Daywalker said. Bahamas, Virgin island, or Mexico sound great!!!!


In fact, I am a huge fan of Cancun mexico. Breath taking beaches, and reasonably priced.


But any of those three places sound truly "vacationy".

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Today I was thinking about the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas. It is out in the Caribbean and it even has vegan health food stores. That would be a concern about some of the places in Mexico (I've been to all of those places I listed except Cancun, but I"ve been to nearby Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen).


In St. Thomas, we'd be able to train, eat a variety of vegan foods, hike, take boat rides to other nearby Islands, hang out on the beaches, etc.


This is a photo from the Vegan-friendly health food store I visited in St. Thomas (read the background and you'll see VEGAN).





We might possibly all need passports (US and non-US residents, but I'm not sure, since it's a US-owned Island).


St. Thomas is just one option, we still have many months to plan this, and I hope to get lots of input from many of you.


If you're interested in seeing some of my own personal Caribbean photos (for those who haven't been there) click on these links:






Those photos were taken a few years ago. I have some REALLY cool ones from St. Thomas but not digital, I'd have to scan them one of these days to post them, and perhaps I'll do that if the Caribbean is a place that it sounds like many are interested in.


Anyway, I hope to hear some input from you guys and girls, it sounds it could be a really fun time!

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well you have to say that your hosts were glamorous! and even kept you well fed during your stay!


edinburgh is so so so so much better though. im still trying to get the 2006 vegan fitness week up here. if it was at the end of july, people could stay on for the edinburgh festival (largest arts festival in the world).


i would probably have to pass on the vegan BB week as i have too much family living in other countries and i have to be careful what i spend my holiday time on in future.



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Don't worry about Daywalker, he jokes around all the time. He's just playing around.


---Thanks for the suggestions so far about the Vegan Vacation. I'd love to go to Europe, I was just thinking of hosting one over here in the US/Caribbean, since there is already a big vegan fitness gathering in the UK.


Obviously we still have plenty of time to keep the suggestions and ideas coming.


Have a great day everyone,



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Ok. Sorry. I'll duct tape my mouth shut Daywalker, I have no idea what you're talking about.


Vamprilla, please, no!


Listen to Richard, he knows me by now!

I was just joking.

Everytime i hear someone talking of a trip to Amsterdam, i have to think of that, because when i was in school, many youths just went there to smoke THC

It's not very far from here and you can easily go there on a weekend trip.


I'd love to go to Europe, I was just thinking of hosting one over here in the US/Caribbean, since there is already a big vegan fitness gathering in the UK.

Yeah, i thought the same!

If possible, i want to visit both next year! I've never been out of Europe before, so i really would love to come over to the other side of the world. Plus i need a hot place for the holidays


love and peace,


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well if you were thinking of having it in europe, why not see if we can combine the vegan BB vacation and the vegan fitness week?


it seems silly to have the two separate as we are all pretty much into the same things, there are a number of people on both boards, and it would be great to have such a huge group of fit and healthy vegans.


just a thought



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I really like the idea of going to a Beach type place in the Caribbean for a real "vacation" feel. And St. Thomas is a great place since they have the vegan health food store and lots of fun things we could do like go out on a boat, jet ski, parasail, snorkel, swim, sun bathe, hike, lift, train, travel to other islands, watch the big ships come in, etc.


I'm not against joining forces in the UK, I was just thinking of having a meeting in or around the US. Of course St. Thomas is out there under Florida somewhere so not too far from Europe actually, so for people out in California, Oregon, etc,. it would still be a far place to travel to.


Originally, I guess I was thinking more like California as a place to host the Vegan Vacation but then I was thinking it would so cool to chill out on a vegan friendly Caribbean Island!


Like I said, we still have LOTS of time to decide, so more feedback is always welcome and encouraged.


Any NEW places not mentioned would be cool to see too.


Later ya'll.


-Thin Thin Flat Him (Robert 'Keegan The Vegan' Cheeke)

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Hi friends,


i agree with Robert. A tropical island oh pllleeeaaase!


I want to attend the vegan fitness week in the UK and the vegan tropical holiday!

That's why i think it makes sense to leave them seperated And because if there are two events at two different dates, it will be easier for vegans to attend at least one.


have a great day,



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Just a thought of mine... if you decide to be vegan means that you take care of animals. Shouldn't we take also care of the complete environment as well? I mean, why should everybody here travel twice to meet each other (waste of money, gas, lots of pollution...). I think one meeting with all interested vegan (sports-)guys could be enough.


What do you think?

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That does make sense, although in two locations would could have influences on two totally different communities. Maybe I'm just trying to find excuses to be out on a sunny beach......but anyway, we'll keep on discussing it for a couple of months, then decide on something and start planning it out.


Also....be sure to check this thread too, because there are LOTS of other events to meet up with others on this site for 1-3 day events going on all over the world. More will be added too:





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I thhink as vegans we take care of the environment more so than most other people on thnis planet, INCLUDING "MEAT EATING ENVIRONMENTALISTS" (what an ocymoron!!!!).



So, in other words, I think that travelling twice is something that I would be willing to do, without being too concerned about the "environmental effects." Like I said, we "undo" any such damage a thousand times over a day.


As far as "combining", I have nothing against combining, but I would prefer a tropical paradise to the UK (or Canada or mainland USA for that matter). And what Rob said about influencing TWO communities is a valid point (even if we are trying to find excuses for the tropical location).



Maybe veganbodybuilding and veganfitness can join in 2007, but for 2006, I think a carribean-ish vacation is the way to go!!


SO I am with daywalker on this one - St. Thomas gets my vote hands down.

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