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Vegan Vacation 2006


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I know!!


But do you call any item of clothing in the US a waistcoat??


...If it's a coat and it goes to your waist, yeah.


A coat that goes up to your waist isnt called a "waistcoat" in North America, is it??? That would be the first I have ever heard of that. Kourt, i think your just messin' with Tarz's head.


I thought a coat that goes to your waist is called a jacket


Hehehe. I am messing with his head, and it is called a jacket. I was being a smart a$$. (Censored for Robert.)

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I have picked up several strange words from veganfitness. The first that come to mind are 'chuffed' and 'knackered'.


As to waistcoat, it sounds like something you would wear in the 19th century along with your tophat and monocle


That's what I was thinking!

I've found myself saying 'mate' a lot lately....hehe, and the other day I told someone to sort it out! (followed by mate) Thanks for that one Richard!

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What does chuffed and knackered mean?


Chuffed - happy/pleased

Knackered - tired/exhausted


Knackered comes from "the knacker man". This was the guy in the UK who collected all the road kill, farm animals who died early etc. Then he would make pet food of the meat, bone meal, hides, leather etc. and sell them. Generally the knacker man was the lowest class individual in town and his homestead could be smelled from a mile away. At least that is how I have understood it.


Okay, I admit I once had an obsession with James Heriot's books and read them all, and that is where I first learned about the knacker man.

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So, should we officially consider this thread hijacked?


Yeah, I think it's official.


I will start a NEW Vegan Fitness Vacation Thread with all the updated info on timelines, locations, activities, who's coming, etc. so then when we get off track we can just select that section, copy and paste and re-post it to make it fresh so it won't ever get lost between the Waistcoats and then Knacker Man.



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The UK is nice, but I love the sun and the beach.


This thread is so off topic I have know idea what is going on. But michaelhobson's post on page two made me think of this quote from the movie Snatch that Crystal "The Total Physique" is always telling me.


Cousin Abraham 'Avi' Denovitz: I don't like leaving my own country, Doug. And, I especially don't like leaving it for anything less than warm sandy beaches and cocktails with little straw hats.


Doug 'The Head' Denovitz: We've got sandy beaches.


Cousin Abraham 'Avi' Denovitz: So, who the fu** wants to see 'em?!

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Just so we don't confuse anymore people, we can refer to this event as it was originally referred to as: "Vegan Vacation" feel free to add the "summer" or "2006" or both after the first two words.


I look forward to seeing you this summer.



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