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Vegan Vacation 2006


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Hey Yall,


I suggested St. Thomas because I've been there many times and know that they have some vegan friendly health food stores (which many places in the Caribbean do not). I've been to something like 19 Caribbean Islands and thougth that St. Thomas would be the most fitting for reasons I listed earlier in the thread.


I still think St. Thomas would be ideal based on food options, location, activities to do, etc.


But we still have a long time to decide this. There are other gret places in the Caribbean as well. Aruba is also a nice place, St. Martin is great too.


There are others that are awesome too, but won't have the gyms or places to train like St. Thomas would.


But please, feel free to keep the suggestions flowing. I like the idea of a sunny Caribbean location for the Vegan Fitness Team Vacation.


Thanks for the input.



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Thanks for inviting yourselves into my home! Just kidding.......you know I love you guys/gals and you're always welcome anytime.


I agree that Oregon does totally Rock, but I'd also like to go to the Caribbean area for a tropical vacation.


Of course my arm can be twisted, so I'm not totally set on it, but we'll keep throwing ideas out there.


Glad to see more people getting excited about this for next summer


-Thin Thin Flat Him

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Oregon does totally rock ...bit I'm gonna have to disagree with ya on the going to Rob's house idea....what kind of vacation would that be for me???


Good point veggymeggy,


That would be like going to your own house on your vacation since you and Rob live together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C'mon guys, let us make it somewhere in the Carribean please

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Wherever the consensus is, you might want to look up group rates here



There's a place in the Caribbean (Granada) that boasts it is the only vegan place in the Caribbean, but only houses 6 guests (not certain if that's at a time, etc). http://www.thelodgegrenada.com/gallery.htm


What about Hawaii ?



Haven't checked rates though.....

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If no blow of fate strucks, i'll be there Nat


I'm really looking forward to this!! I'd even be coming if it was not in the Caribbean

Maybe i'll invite myself to Rob's house (and Veggymeggy's) first

Oh man! I really want to meet you all as soon as possible! Wherever it will be, i know it's gonna be a wonderful, incredible, peaceful, energetic, fantastic and memorable gathering!


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here are a few ideas:


i like this one for the mountain climbing. it is veggie and vegan. looks like a stunning place to stay too - not sure how much it is though. i wouldnt imagine that it would be really cheap but then it wont be full of fat american tourists!






its actually pretty hard to find anything useful on google


i shall keep looking. i probably would come, i would just rather not go to st thomas.



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