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Blame the guardian, not the breed! Please help! Urgent.


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Cross posted at the request of animal rights activists.


"A Dog Amnesty Targets The Wrong End of the Lead

Thursday, 04 January 2007

Recent events that have seen media coverage are now being used by certain organisations to push forward more legislation for dangerous dogs. Say No to B.S.L aims to show that this is not the answer. Talks of amnesties, firstly covering Merseyside, now stated as being National are being stated as an answer in the immediate term. This is a flawed view.


Those with innocent friendly dogs will not hand the dogs in simply to be destroyed and neither will those who enjoy the status they believe their dog gives them.


Any Amnesty may not run in-line with the 1997 amendment which allows owners whose dogs are seized, to ask the courts to allow their dog to be registered and therefore live. This decision can only be made by a court of law but if your dog is of good nature and you are responsible, is a possibilty. If you sign your dog over under an amnesty you will not get this option.


The Kennel club has opposed any amnesty and instead suggested opening the register of exempt dogs (more info here). While the finer points of this need discussion it PROVES there is another way. In 1991 a law was rushed in because people where scared. That law failed and at a price. Lets not make the same mistake again.


No breed or type of dog is more likely to attack than any other. Lack of proper training and responsibilty by the owner is much more likely to create a dangerous dog.


Unless legislation is followed that deals with the owners who fail to control their dog, regardless of breed, we will never reduce dog attacks. If we, the general public, allow this to continue we may find we are opening up more discussion of adding to the banned breeds. Your breed or type could be next.


Say NO to BSL and Dog Amnesties!! "


For how to help, please go to : http://www.deednotbreed.org.uk/


Please cross post far and wide at any dog friendly forum, vegan or not, animal rights or not! If we must join forces with cuddlytarians for this one, so be it!!

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