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hi from germany


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Hi guys,

Thanks for all your replies.


The reason why I decided to become a vegan is pretty easy. My mom has been a vegetarian for most of my life. I used to eat meat but being a vegetarian wasn’t weird to me. A friend of my husband is a vegan and really impressed me. He is a cool person and I admire him for being a vegan. I decided to try it out and he gave me some help (went shopping with me etc), this was around 2 years ago. Honestly I wasn’t ready yet and did not stick to it. 7 months ago I read “diet for a new America” and became a vegan after eating pretty much everything the next day. It was and sometimes still isn’t that easy, but I know now why I want to be a vegan. This might sound kind of stupid but before informing myself I didn’t know how bad the meat industry is (I’m glad I’m smarter now ). My husband is also a vegan and we enjoy exploring new recipes.

Okay enough about my reasons.

I ‘m almost 25 from Germany (husband is American). Currently I’m studying online and it really sucks. In the summer we will move and I will attend a university on campus. When I don’t study I work as a teacher which is okay to make some money.

I’m a member at a gym and enjoy pretty much anything from classes to weights. I’m planning in getting into marshal arts. I also like to read, meet friends and party (well I’m a German so I guess it’s my job to party .

Okay don’t know what else to say,


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i would like to get into martial art. i just don't know in which direction i should go. i used to do judo when i was a kid (probably won't remember much). i want to do something i can use for selfdefence and to get (stay) in shape. i don't want to look after training like shit after training.

any suggestions would be great



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How do you guys get vitamin D? I know that vegans can get it when being outside in the sun. Do you guys still use suncreen? What about cancer. How much sun does a vegan need to have enough vitamin D? Does anybody take vitamins?


There is no need to worry about that as long as you go outside long enough. 15 minutes sun on hands and face per day should produce more than enough vitamin D. But you do nor need to go into the sun everyday. Vitamin D is stored. And the body is smart: if less is produced, it needs less. Of course you should use sunscreen. You usually sunbath quite long and than you produce more than enough viatmin D anyway.

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