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I had blood work done this week to test my thyroid function and to test for iron-deficiency anemia.

I am quite pleased to say (not only does my thyroid work, but) I am not anemic!

I didn't expect that I would be, but so often when someone hears that I don't eat meat, they tell me I'm going to be anemic.

It was nice to get the proof for what I already know! Take that all you self-proclaimed experts who think female vegetarians/vegans are doomed to anemia!

(My EKG was also normal, woot)

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it was just a stupid, almost sexist joke. I often characterize myself as a girl because I'm so weak and slender-built. and because it is often said that vegan girls suffer from anemia (I think that's just propaganda...) it reminded me of my blood check a while ago


hope everything's clear now

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