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what martial arts for women?

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If you are still looking for a martial art that is good for women...look into aikido...every dojo I've seen has a rather large amount of women practitioners. As martial arts go it is "soft' and relies on technique rather than brute strength. In some cases women have an advantage over men... at one time my wife and I both took classes, she is 5'4" /115 lbs...I am 5'10" 185 lbs and some techniques weer far easier for her...(it was hard for me to get low) She and some other women of her size had no problem throwing me around, and some of the bigger 250 lb guys in our class as well. It is also very much like yoga in that it can make you very limber. Classes are very fun, low impact, and usyally easy to find. The art also appeals to older people.

I hope you look into it and see what you think...

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hey michellekdo,

I just started taking Tang Soo Do a few weeks ago and I love it!

I don't know tons yet, but what I do love about it is that it values precision and power and I'm not on the ground! I hate ground fighting!!

It's very disciplined (as most marital arts are) and focused. I love working towards something...and I always am! Tang Soo Do is similiar to Tae Kwan Do...except that Tang Soo Do is a tradition that trains for combat and not for sport.

My husband takes it with me...he faught Muay Thai for years, but he really likes this discipline as well.

The World Tang Soo Do Association really encourages you to use your strengths from other trainings and not to give them up...he loves that. There are other Tang Soo Do Associations, but I really felt this one fit me best.

We have an equal amount of men and women. It's not about strength here, it's about physics...and that's true!

I was practicing with my 250lb husband and he had me in a choke hold you wouldn't believe...no mercy with this man!

I had him down on the ground in seconds...techniques are unbelievable! Hope you find your calling...it's all about preference, really.

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