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Suggestions for good quality & inexpensive cargo pants?


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I really like pants with the "cargo" pockets on the legs & I'm searching for some basic pants at a reasonable price.


My preferences:

- button closures - velcro is ok but I dont like "snaps" or zippers

- a cut/style that is comfortable & allows a good range of motion

- reasonablely large belt loops

- fairly sturdy material

- dark, "earthy" colors, esp. greens but also browns & grays. Black or tan might work too.

- cheaper cost is better but I'm ok with paying a bit extra for good stuff that I really like.


So far the best options I've found are made by Wrangler & Carhartt.


Suggestions please!

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You might luck out at some thrift store, but I find them very unreliable for clothes I want. Army and navy stores work but the ones i've been to sell only new pants which means they cost quite more than I want to pay. I actually found a pair of used camo pants at a craft show in TX, the guy sold em for 15 bucks. I've found some online for that amount which is a fair cost.


this site has the best prices i've found, but im not sure about reputation. http://www.jigyo.com/Military/Memorabilia/Military%20Clothing/Military%20Clothing1Used.htm




other than those search for this stuff on cop gear sites and military surplus. This stuff is popular with the airsoft crowd so you can look at some of their sites but there will be a mark up.


but the type pants you want are great. If you want to tuck them in your boots then get a longer size, and they are sized in ranges so just figure out what range you fit best in.


I forgot to mention ebay!

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well love my only suggestion is the pockets make sure they have 2 buttons. It is a personal thing but I like the buttons better than velcro. And you mention the yuppie thing, my cargo pants definitely are not very yuppieish. If you have a gap store go check them out, their pants seem to be of decent quality and look yuppieish and I saw some there for about 20 bucks. Everything is on sale since the holidays are over. Might also try the no sweat apparel. good luck with your search.

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Thanks for the replies!



I could not get that 2nd link to work - got anouther?



I agree about the 2 buttons. I'm kinda sensitive about how folks view me & I've gotten a few comments lately about how I look like a cop or a skinhead or that I seem "macho" &/or "conservative". That's not at all the impression I prefer people to have of me & I want to minimize/avoid that sort of thing. I'm really much more of a lazy hippy "eco-princess" sort of guy!

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