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List of Confirmed members attending


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Last updated on May 23rd 2007


PLEASE remember to make your deposit of $20-$100 asap to hold your spot. We can only take 24 in the main Vegan Vacation Beach Home. Please be sure to inform us asap if your plans change!


Confirmed Attendees - 21 so far


davidtarrfoster - Portland

flanders77 - Germany

jessifly - Portland

LizWorld - Sweden

loveliberate & lotus +3 - Portland

Michelle - Houston, Texas

Odidnetne - Matamoras, Pennsylvania

oregonisaac - Portland

Ravi - Seattle, Washington

robert - Portland

sydneyvegan - Sydney, Australia

tofutod - Portland

veganpotter - Richmond, Virginia

xdarthveganx - Portland


Zack- Tennessee

Jaime - Richmond, Virginia

Offense74 - Stockholm, Sweden


Forum members who may be interested in staying at the beach house in Lincoln City and participating in Portland activities after that. PLEASE confirm as soon as possible folks!!!


andesuma - Portland

PelicanAndrew - Decutar, Illinois

VeganEssentials - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

suz - North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Trev - North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Crystal - El Paso, Texas

Harley - ?

Cubby2112 - DeKalb, Illinois

Hero - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania + 1 guest



List of forum members who are interested in Portland activities only:


Aaron - Portland

C.O. - Portland

lauraK - Portland

Micah - Portland

SiNa94 - Portlland

DV - Portland

acatherine13 - Gresham, Oregon


Last updated on May 23rd, 2007

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I think the list will close to double We still have 8 more months and I didn't list many of the Portland or other Oregon people who haven't really expressed interest. I'm sure they'll be there, so that alone is another dozen or more.


It should be one fairly large gathering You better start practicing your video games now!

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It should be one fairly large gathering You better start practicing your video games now!


I hope we don't pack on 2,000 posts in the next few months trash talking about video game chatter, Rob, because I called Miss Cleo today and she said she saw it in the Tarot Cards.

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I hope to have enough cash that will allow me to not work for the VV...maybe a few days but I'd much rather have nothing else to do other than ride my bike and eat donuts and ice cream.

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