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i'm a fatty.

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Ok I need to join in! Can we start an awesomely gorgeous vegan/raw chick weight loss support group?


I admit I only want to lose max ten kilos (I think that's about 20 pounds or so) but knowing I have support behind me makes all the difference.


So far I am on day eleven of not having even a drop of alcohol (my achilles heel!) or junk food and I'm feeling great. But I have this planned for three months! During mardi gras season!

I'm super motivated right now but I know it's going to get harder.


Should we set a challenge for ourselves as a group? (Is that allowed Robert or are you the only one who can create challenges? )

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I would be in for a challenge if anyone else is up for it. Im still contemplating jumping in on the 07 Challenge, but I'd already be a month behind.


I don't think it's too late to join.


If it makes you feel any better, I mostly sat on my ass until today... so we'll really be starting at the same time.

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is the 07 challenge for the whole year? I'm down for a support group but i have to admit i havent even gotten started since i posted this thread ive been so wrapped up in school, and broke. I need to detox like whoa. I've just been eating homemade bread, and i am hurting. wheat messes me up. Hopefully i can fast this weekend get a few groceries and get started. I need to get in the gym, i'm already walking alot, im feeling more energy from that so that is cool.

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I'm in!!! This could be a three month Valentine's Love Yourself kinda challenge. I have at least 100 pounds to lose and for me its easier to take smaller bites - LOL pun intended. Making a game or a competition out of it always makes it more fun and motivating!


Chesty Leroux - I wholeheartedly agree with Andesuma. Points shmoints. Keep your own food log and steer clear of the WW. Its too much focus on "can have" and "can't have". Try to just focus on being healthy and whole. Its also much less complicated that way.


Eating more raw CAN be done on a budget. At first it seems like a lot of work to relearn how to prepare food and what to buy, but once you get used to it, it comes pretty easily. I splurge on the more expensive stuff when I can and I don't buy more than I know I will have time to eat so nothing gets trashed from going bad. And as long as all is functioning normally, trips to the bathroom are GOOD!! Make time for them. THAT's the exit ramp for many of the toxins that are now being dumped out of your body as you exercise and eat better.


Also feel free to pm me...I need all the help I can get and it would be great to have a weight loss buddy or team.


AND...as a side note, do you have any classes that are even remotely health related that you might be able to do assignments for on health and nutrition without taking time away from your studies? Kind of a sing to two birds with one song idea?

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I am definitely in! I've been trying to lose weight forever.


I've seen the Eat to Live diet, and I'm interested in it but I've found that with any diet, as long as you can stick to it, it'll work. The problem is having the resolve and dedication and also making choices that you can actually live with. I've done WeightWatchers before and it did work up to a point, but then I got off track and didn't get back.


I've made my great aunt, of all people, my weightloss buddy... but since she lives in the Chicago burbs and I live in California, there's only so much we can do!!


I'd love to find a more local buddy, but I'm kind of in an antisocial phase of my life. I'm seriously considering going back to WW and maybe actually joing the groups and getting serious about it.


Anyway, I'd love to be anyone's buddy on here as well. Feel free to message me on AIM or Yahoo, as they're both attached to my signature down there.


BTW, Gaia, that's always been my chat name. Good thing I went for something else this time or else there'd be just a lot of confusion!

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I usually say stay away from the diet programs, but I have one exception to that rule. South Beach is a good plan,because its less about a diet, and more about a lifestyle change. Before S.B. I hated salads, now if I go 2 days without a salad, I crave them. My Mom,and I started S.B. around April, and whereas the weight has come off slow, it's stayed off for good. The first two weeks are the hardest, this is the first phase, and the Dr.that started the diet even says it'll be hard. But it switches off your switch thats on in your system that says you always want sweets, and sugar, and bad choices. I also thought doing S.B.on a vegan diet would be impossible,but it's been quite easy. I started at 163, and am now down to 140. My Mom was 213, and she's now 188. And we treat ourselves to a vegan chocolate chip cookie once a week, from Whole Foods, and we keep losing. And this diet is not a high protein, low carb diet, its an eat the right foods diet. If this diet were Atkins, or The Zone, a vegan could not do it! Hope this helps!

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