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Video Game Trash Talking/Ego Boost thread


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7:20 is impressive for that game! I don't know what my time was, but I'm sure it was somewhere around 7:19



I can SMELL the testosterone from waaaay over here lads...


Speaking of names..

Robert - you can be Sweetpea if you'd like.. because once we're up against eachother on that nes - you'll be my bitch anyway


Zack - what's wrong with Sweetpea?? T.B (Toilet Boy) would have been more of an insult. But maybe acceptable if I'd given you WC-Duck as a sidekick ?


As for myself - I'll just use my old fragname for Q3 - Evil Xtreme or - if you prefer: [3v!1][XT~£#3]


(and no, that is not a porn star name!)

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Still trash-talking, but not video game related: We need to have a contest for most burritos eaten during the Vegan Vacation.


Odidnetne, have you considered the ramifications of literally hundreds of burritos being consumed within a short time span, coupled with the fact that we'll all be staying together and most likely sharing rooms? The aftermath could be deadly.



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Well Zack, we are all important in the...er, cykle of life, ehm.

Even you, sweetpea


by the way - I'd like to see you and that other Sweetpea fight about it! In mud!


You have to actually distinguish who is who, as opposed to letting us guess, especially since you refer to 2 people as Sweetpea.

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Haha, okay here's the thing:


First and foremost I thought of Zack as the Sweetpea. Don't ask me why it was the first that came to mind.

Then, Zack got a little offended (or something) so Robert kicked in and offered to be the Sweetpea instead - which means Zack would have to be the Muchlehead charactre.

Then, it turned out that Zack had not been offended at all (or that's how I interpreted it) and claimed back his right to be Sweetpea.


now I' am confused...

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I'm just happy to see you posting again I hope you had a great week. We need to make a list of gaming systems and games that we'll have during Vegan Vacation. Some lodges even have huge big-screen TVs which would be great for gaming. I know many don't even care if we have a TV (I don't even ever watch TV) but if we're playing games we'll need one!


Other that sweepea I offered a bunch of nicknames. Nobody wanted to go by them?



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