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Australlian open (tennis)

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Hey tennis fans The Australlian has started! Anyone on here who likes tennis should when we get to the final 32 or maybe 16 make up a bracket for their picks and we can have a competition on the site see who does best. Like march madness basketball bracket (we should do that later too). I will be back on with my brackets for mens and womens singles soon. Participate!



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Yahoo has games for nearly every sport you can imagine.


The current ones are


Golf (just started but we can still start a league)







you simply pick your players for the week and see what happens.

If a few people are interested I'll create leagues


Of course this will create a few new threads


I like the sound of this..... The VBF fantasy sports federation!!

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OKay if you go to australianopen.com pic the draws tab at the top of the page. Then select printable draws each catagory. Since its already started just fill in your pics for the final 16 all the way through to the winner. You can post now if you have some tennis knowledge or wait until the 32 are done to start BUT if you wait try and make sure that you post before any one advances to the final 16.

I am a cocky bastard so I will make my pics today and hope their are not a whole lot of unpredictable upsets from now on. I can't believe baghdatis went out so early...

If someone knows where to find or how to make a tiny bracket that we can all paste in here let me know.


Mens round of 16


Federer Federer

Udomchoke Robredo Federer


Robredo Roddick

Fish Stepanek Federer

Stepanek Roddick(tuff pic) Nadal (upset?!!)


Roddick(tuff pic vs safin) Nadal


Haas Nalbandian Nalbandian

Berdych Davydenko


Blake Blake Nadal

Hewitt Nadal



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I'm good to go!!!


I'll post the passwords and links a little later.


I'll also keep track of the ongoing results

(I'm a bit of a stats geek)

I like keeping track of the winners and crowning the 2007 VBFFSF CHAMPION! at the end of the year

For each game for example:

1st place gets 5pts

2nd 4pts

3rd 3pts

4th 2pts

5th 1pt


the member with the highest point total at the end of the year is the CHAMP



(I'm a little excited.... )

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Maybe using things like ------------ between names will keep it separated.


I'll test it.









It looks like I won and C.O. got blasted!

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Federer------- Federer



Robredo---- Robredo------------------------Federer



Ancic ---------Roddick-------Roddick-----------------------Nadal(upset?!!)

Roddick(tuff pic vs safin)


Haas -------Nalbandian----- Nalbandian

Berdych -------Davydenko


Blake ---------Blake

Hewitt----------- - --------Nadal



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Hey also if some of my people dont make the 32....and I am like the only one that picks before the 32 are done... then I think I should get the people that beat who I picked into the 32 for the 16. Sound fair to anyone that wants to post pics early like me?

























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Hey I thought there was going to be at least 4 or 5 of usdoing this tennis bracket but im the only one that posted.... If you are going to do it and you dont already know the results try and pick from the 16 on by looking at the 32. Dont cheat if possible or just pick who is left to play from now on or the rest of the bracket of 8... Go Serena! Come back time baby.

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We don't have the numbers yet man. I'm trying to get more and more people involved. I just get burned out and can't keep up with everything.


I've missed the whole tournament and didn't get a chance to register online or anything like that. I'm trying for this fantasy sports league thing. Right now I can barely stay awake. I didn't sleep much.


But yeah, as more and more people get on the forum, these things will be more popular. Just give us time to grow and we'll show you that we know!

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