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Getting back in the ring

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Hello all... aside from doing bodybuilding.. I've been involved in martial arts for a little over 25 years now... I last competed as a non-vegan many years ago, and now have decided to put my bodybuilding on the back burner, and go after my passion for martial arts once again...


Just looking to see if there are any other MMA fighters on the fourm, and what is working for you all: Supplements, training schedules, etc.


I also do a ton of traveling for PETA, and am planning on posting my training journal on the fourm, and what cities i will be in. So if any one checks in and want to train while I am in town, it would def be appreciated.


Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!



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I'm no MMA fighter but if your ever around Richmond for a campaign you can come over and kick my butt anytime you want...so long as we eat a Panda Veg after your done.

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Hey, PETAbodybuilder,


I'm not an MMA fighter, but a kickboxer (karate/muay thai mix) and so far I only fight at my own club. As far as nutrition goes, I eat mostly raw, just tons of fruit and veggies. Every morning I have a green smoothie with a scoop of Vega in it, and I usually have a smoothie before a workout. Works awesome - I've been able to train really hard lately (when I'm not too busy with work anyhow). I think the raw diet helps me heal faster too - the bruised up legs don't hurt for so long now! Get those legs toughened up and core, core, core!


It's cool that you work for PETA, must be a very rewarding job! I often wish my job did some real good in the world (I work in the film industry).


Cheers! And good luck with your training! Keep us all posted for sure!

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