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VBBF Fantasy Sports Leagues


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The VBBF fantasy sports leagues have been formed for our members.

The games will be played through Yahoo Sports and will include

Golf,Nascar,Hockey, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, English Premier League Soccer.


They are all separate games spread out throughout the year.

You can play one or all the games.(or as many as you want)


When playing please make your team name the same as your VBBF name so we can tell who each other is.


I will keep a thread going with the top 5 finishers in each game and a thread with the overall standings.

I each game 5 pts awarded to 1st place

4pts for 2nd..... all the way to 1pt for 5th place.

The player with the most overall points at the end of the year will be crowned VBBF Fantasy Sports Champion 2007.

(See Robert to claim your virtual prize)


Hope to see a lot of you in the leagues!!!


Current games are



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2007 will be an abbreviated season since NFL,NBA and NHL are already done.


here's the schedule of 8 events


1. MLB - Baseball (2007 eligible)

2. NBA - Basketball

3. NHL - Hockey

4. NFL - Football (salary cap game)

5. NFL - Football (pickem game)

6. PGA - Golf (2007 eligible)

7. Nascar (2007 eligible)

8. EPLS - English Premier League Soccer (2007 eligible)


4 games will determine the 2007 overall champ


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I don't get it. What are "fantasy sports"? How can you compete?


They are internet games (free of charge) where you compete against other members of the group by picking the outcomes of games or by picking players.


In Golf for example.... you would select a foursome of golfers which you feel will do well in this weekends tournament. You earn points based upon how well the golfers you selected performed.

The team owner (one of us) with the most total points at the end of the year wins!


In soccer, you choose the 11 players within a given salary cap which you think will perform the best for the upcoming week. Same thing goes re: points.


I actually find it fun to play games where I know little about the sport.

It's kind of funny to score well when you know little or nothing about it.

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OK, I've set up a Nascar team. How do I join the VBBF group?


There are 3 seperate threads (one for each sport ) included in the "Other Sports "General" section


each will give you the league ID and the password


thanks for joining!!!

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Brendan is in my livingroom right now, I can make it happen


So far we don't have too many people interested. I think it takes an event like the NCAA tournament to bring out a large crowd. But we're still small and growing and in due time, we'll thrive on these kinds of group fantasy sports.

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Overall Scoring.....


due to low numbers, we will use the top 3 finishers in each game to determine the overall VBBF champ.


3pts for 1st place

2pts for 2nd

1pt for 3rd


I'll also keep an ongoing file to record 1st through 3rd in each event.


Bragging rights are at stake!!!!

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