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VBBF English Premier League Soccer fantasy league ..join now


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compete against other VBBF members in the English Premier League Soccer fantasy sports league

and for the overall title of VBBF Fantasy Sports Champion 2007.


Be sure to use your VBBF name so we know who you are!


**plese do not pick players until after this weekend so nobody gets an unfair advantage.



follow the link

enter group ID# 26556

password: vegan

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I tried multiple time. davidtarrfoster is about as interested in fantasy sports as he is in stabbing himself in the leg with a knife


So I don't think we'll get him to join.


I'll check out the scores to see how I'm doing.


he has already joined, so if you can get him to pick 11 players within the salary cap he can at least get some points.

(although it would be pretty embarassing to lose to someone who never looks at his team)

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I will definitely run it next season (despite the fact that you cheer for Chelsea)


I appreciate your being uderstanding. I'll have to get in on that.


I personally spend all my available money on Ronaldo & Rooney


Do you think Ronaldo ever winks at Rooney during Man U matches?


(I hope you get that reference)

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