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The VBBF fantasy sports leagues have been created.


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check it out under the OTHER SPORTS section (Other Sports General)


It's your big chance to embarass Robert with your sports knowledge!!!!


English Soccer




all set up and ready to begin play next week!

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Yeah, Nascar is pushing things a little far , but I like the idea of doing fantasy sports leagues here.


I haven't been involved in them for many many years, but it sounds like a lot of fun.


So, I'll get myself signed up soon. It's more fun with more people so I hope some other get involved too!


I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun when March Madness NCAA basketball tournament comes around!

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Nascar isn't my favourite either but it's not worth taking an axe to the head!!!


I wanted to have 8 events in total and Nascar is one of Yahoo's main games.


(could be worse....ESPN has fantasy fishing!)

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Absoutely agree!!!


It's a lot of fun.


When baseball starts you can choose to play head to head

which means that my team of players will play Robert's one week, finbarrio's the next etc....

lot's of opportunity for trash talk!

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