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Wow. I got banned from a BJJ myspace group for my politics.

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check this out here. Specifically page 4,5 and 6





I sent the moderator a message because I was pissed and this is the reply I recieved.



----------------- Original Message -----------------


Date: Jan 18, 2007 7:59 PM



you ban me because you didnt like what I had to say. very interesting in deed. You know Mr. Dictator I can report behavior like this and have you removed as group moderator dont ya?


----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: Alex

Date: Jan 18, 2007 5:09 PM



no i banned you because a) you insulted me i never called you any names b) i said to keep the topic RELEVANT to jeff monson and you start going off on tangents about marxism.


its my group, what are you going to report? i banned you with very vaild reasons.


go cry in your soy milk


----------------- Original Message -----------------


Date: Jan 18, 2007 8:16 PM



I insulted you with my sarcasm and by being a little bit of a smart ass? Wow, I didnt know you were so sensitive. I thought it was all in good fun but clearly you couldnt handle it. My posts were very much relevant to the points you were bringing up within the context of the thread. Also im pretty these comments qualify as insults BRO! But hey I never got my panties in a wad like yourself.



"you have zero credibility"


"you're an ass"


"Mr. Rainbow Warrior"


"eco princes"


'and thus the rainbow warrior abused his privileges by acting like a jackass and trying to insult the moderator with pointless debate. the almighty dictator of the group, not amused by a vegan communist revolution his group, decided to banish said eco princess aka mental midget back to the land of grass eating college hippie know-it-alls forever. Hooray!"


"you're a lazy college know-it-all hippie"



Hmm I called you smarty pants, and I called you a jack ass AFTER you called me an "ass" clearly you didnt like what I had to say.



---------------------original message--------------

From: Alex

Date: Jan 18, 2007 5:17 PM


go chain yourself to a tree











I really cant believe people sometimes.

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That's some funny stuff, "eco-princess"!


Really though, I think you got banned as much for how you said things as for what you said. I'm surprised that no one called ya a "terrorist"...


"lazy college know-it-all hippie"



Oh im very aware, but I dont think I came off any worse than anyone else ya know?

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stupid people are usually good at creating good nicknames.. one of the only things are they're usually good at.


it's really annoying when they can't handle arguments and they start getting personal or using nonsense arguments that have nothing to do with the main subject.. i hate that..

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