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fat, not well distributed? lol


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i just wanted to know if there's a reason why people.. usually have more fat in some parts of the body ( abdomen?? ) than others areas.. if they're burning fat from the same source, shouldn't the body send fat equally ( and proportionally ) to all parts of the body? or those parts that really need fat?

i don't understand.. can anybody explain that to me?

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Mid-thigh and triceps fat represents estrogen levels (Nindl BC et al., 2001). Contrary to what the typical health club flunky likes to think, these skin folds change independently, not uniformly, based on fluctuating hormonal states.

Successful bodybuilding and fitness trainees have discovered that along with incorporating the proven methods listed above, certain workouts can alter the regional distribution of fat placement. According to a recent study (Nindl BC et al., 2001), "it is likely that there may be a threshold intensity, volume and muscle mass recruited necessary to produce increases in total and free testosterone for women and men."

Author L Rea, author of Chemical Muscle Enhancement and Building the Perfect Beast, suggests that the common denominator here is a greater adrenaline release with a harder workout. His rationale includes an increased partitioning of androstenedione to testosterone rather than to estrogen. Whatever the mechanism, workouts that incorporate multiple joint movements performed with relatively short rest intervals and multiple sets do augment the anabolic index and influence where fat is stored.


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I know that men usually carry in the abdominal area.

Women either carry in the abdominals, legs, or triceps.

Carrying in the abdominal area is the worst for health because of fatty tissue on the organs.

I carry in my legs, so once I lose fat for a show, my legs are the last to go. Once I start gaining again, my legs come in first.

Weird that it's different between sexes, but even weirder that it's differernt within the female sex. hmm, something to think about.

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I have heard that the distribution of fat changes as hormone levels decrease (maybe someone with medical knowledge can chime in here).

I'm not sure of the science behind this, but I have heard that this occurs in men from about the age of 27 or 28 and gets worse from there.

So that's my excuse anyway

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what I know on the subject...



Estrogen tells the body to store fat in the hips and thighs.


after menopause the ratio of estrogen to androgen decreases so a woman can more easily store fat in the abdominal area (visceral fat)


It is much easier to burn fat above the waistline than below.


visceral fat (abdominal) increases the risk for insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol.


I have also read it is really the location of the fat with regards to the portal vein, which carries blood from the intestinal area to the liver...large fatty deposits in this area enhance the production of blood lipids and cholesterol.

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