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car-free but not care-free

V VII Hero

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When I was at university, I lived city-centre and didn't take my car with me, I just walked everywhere, as most stuff was within an hour's walk. Now I live back home in the country-side, public transport irritates me too much so I drive. I'd like to do without a car too, I feel bad for using it.

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Being car free is the best. What city are you going to be living in?


I will be living in Staten Island, NY while I attend personal training school in Hoboken, NJ.


I'm not a fan of the pollution in NJ and NY. I hate when I can taste the air and it feels like Im breathing garbage. I wont even get started on the water, and litter. but Im there to learn, and in 6 months I can make my way to the cleanest city in the US: portland, oregon


nj and ny have enough pollution they dont need one more car smogging up their traffic-filled roads

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