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Mac Danzig is on the pride 33 card. As well as Nick Diaz

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well unfortunately Mac Danzig did not win last night. very sad. however, the card had some incredible fights and upsets. the celebs came out for this one. in these clips you can see Nicholas Cage, Harrison Ford, and Chuck Norris.


Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi was fast paced non stop action. started off all Gomi, then Diaz came back despite being cuts on both eyes. in the 2nd round, Diaz pulls off a sick submission for the upset win.


also a crazy upset was Sokoudjou knocking out Antonio Minotoro in 30 seconds of the first round. and Dan Henderson knocked out Wanderlai Silva in the 3rd round?! here is the last round, and here is the whole fight. Silva sure didn't look like himself in this fight. didn't have the same fire. regardless, Henderson now is the Pride Middleweight and Welterweight champion, at the same time. that is crazy! hopefully Pride will get more popular here in the usa, and they will start showing the PPVs at the local sports bars like the UFC.

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He looks like he had 10+ on Mac...I'm sure he didn't but it just looked like it


I'd say at least 10 - I know he didn't make weight, but no way Mac was going to back down. Sak hit HARD though. I thought Mac was a little tentative - for him - from the beginning. Oh well.

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perhaps Mac also had the same problem George St. Pierre had the first time he fought Matt Hughes. GSP said fighting his idol was too much for him. he was too nervous and gave Matt too much respect, meaning he was intimidated and didn't give it his all. Mac has stated that Sakuria has been his idol. so maybe he was in a similiar mindset going in.


i'm sure Mac will be back and tougher than ever. a wise man once said "if you are undefeated, your fighting the wrong people. you can only get better by fighting better fighters".

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Heres the Silva/Henderson 2 fight. Beautiful knockout. This fight really could have gone either way. It was pretty even, with Henderson with a slight edge for the takedowns, till that last punch.



well I guess that henderson might make a good match for liddell also.


Alot of folks talk about silva and liddell, and I know that henderson is a welterweight, but he looked really good there.

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