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which water to drink?

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I´ve been asking myself, if the water sold in plastic bottles could be contaminated by dissolved plastic. Does anyone know more about that? I dont want do drink plastic particles.....! I could imagine that the plastic bottles have got platiciser in them which could dissolve into the water.


I´ve once heard that the microbial count can be increased if the plastic bottles stand too long in warmer environment (e.g. the sun). Has anyone more information about that?

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I wouldn't worry about that. I find that bottled spring water gives me the hydration and energy I need: tap water, even filtered tastes bad in comparison - your tastebuds will tell you whether it's pure or not - the spring water should in theory go straight from the source into the bottle, then into your mouth. Ideally, we would live near a spring, and source it ourselves, but that isn't always possible.

It depends where you live.

I was working at Blenheim Palace over the festive season, and their tap water is as fresh and as pure as the water from the bottle (they do their own brand of bottled mineral water!), because it comes from the spring in the grounds.

But if you live in a city, the tap water isn't going to be as pure, so I feel it is wise to drink bottled water : )

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I bought a distiller years ago. It has coconut filter so the water tastes really good. Sometimes bottled water is a crap shoot as to what you are getting. Besides, it figures out to be cheaper in the long run to buy a distiller. I haven't had tap water in about 10 years or more.

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My tap water is horrible, and I refuse to drink it. I used to buy bottled water, but for Christmas this year, I bought myself a distiller system (Waterwise) and have been drinking distilled water since. I've read a bit about water, and home-processed distilled seems the best way to go, IMO.


As for water in bottles. Definitely avoid the #2 bottles, as they leach pretty badly (the water in them will actually taste somewhat plasticy). Best, in order of preference, are Polycarbonate (I don't think you can buy water in this type of plastic, but if you have a distiller or filter, it's best to store water in stainless steel, glass, or this type of plastic. You can often polycarbonate containers for sale (near the water section) in grocery stores.)


Next best plastic is #1, then #3.

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I think you can tell too...sometimes if you buy the cheap distilled or even spring water in milk jugs they taste like plastic...same with some regular bottles waters but most seem fine...as for Evian...Evian is the non vegan water

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I don't remember the brand but it says on label that it comes from Houston's municipal source. Houston tap water in pretty bottle. Be aware of what you drink.


I didn't know that about Evian...sucks that the one that is almost my name isn't vegan.


My tap water is very decent. It comes straight from the Edward's Aquifer. The tap water in my old neighborhood was so nasty. It was grey. We drank as much bottled or filtered as possible but every now and then we had to drink grey tap water. It's awful. It's a nice switch having crystal clear water come from the tap.

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Damn, Evian passing their water through bone char, that's fucking crazy. In what world do we live in?


I used to drink tap water all my life, and the mayor of Montreal always claimed Montreal's tap water is one of the best quality tap water you can find... yeah right, I'm pretty sure all the mayors of most cities claim that... And they often say this each time the population is aware of new facts, like during the past few months, some journalists found excrements and all kinds of wastes from human activity (condoms, biohazard stuff from hospitals) floating on water, dropped directly from the sewer, or certain factories dropping their toxic wastes, in areas around Montreal.


There's more and more security and steps and new technologies to clean the water and destroy all the bacterias, coliforms and parasites in it, like ozone treatments, but I don't drink that shit anymore...


The only filtered water I drink is the one that was used to grow the fruits and veggies I eat, or the one they put in fruit juice or vegan milks.

Except that I only drink spring water and the purest I find is Eska. I'll miss that water when I'll leave Quebec. One of the rare water on the planet that haven't been contaminated by humans.

Same price or less expensive than other spring waters, and like 10x less expensive than shit like Aquafina which is just treated water. Less expensive than for instance Fiji.



fluoride ion: 0,26 ppm

dissolved mineral salts: 210 ppm



fluoride ion: 0,1 ppm

dissolved mineral salts: 85 ppm

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Anyone have any thoughts about distilled water leeching minerals from the body since they are removed?


I drink Portland tap water, I have heard it is one of the better, with no fluoride added, but I think spring water from a good source would be best overall.

ive seen a lot of conflicting information on this... what i can tell you is i drank nothing but distilled water for at least a couple of months, and it really messed me up. the determination i made from the research i did on the symptoms i was experiencing was that my body was indeed losing minerals/vitamins.


but there plenty of people, including a few on this thread , who have been doing it for years with no problem. i think this is because they are distilling it themselves. i really dont know what the home distillation process entails, but i think its the bottling techniqes that are used for the one gallon bottles that has to do with why i got sick. i drank it exclusively from the #2 one gallon jugs, mostly from kroger, so what kathyrn is referring to here-->


I think you can tell too...sometimes if you buy the cheap distilled or even spring water in milk jugs they taste like plastic


#2 plastics aren't non-leaching (see above), which makes it a good idea to avoid water that comes in it.


could have played a role.


this too--->


"Distilled water is an active absorber and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic. The more distilled water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes."




search around and you'll see plenty of claims made on both sides, but i will say with absolute certainty that drinking it from the grocery store -long term- is a BAD idea.

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