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What Are You Listening To Now?


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You really love that late 90's vinyl renaissance. Have you ever checked out Stretch Armstrongs blog? http://konstantkontakt.blogspot.com/

You can download classic episodes of the Strech and Bob show there.


Yeah, for some reason I shelved my love for hip-hop for years, and somehow a few years ago I went back to it full-force since I kind of lost interest in everything else I was listening to. Call it an indie-rock burnout Thanks for the link - I'll have to start downloading some of those shows!


Last night's basement-fixing lineup -


Main Source - Breaking Atoms

Method Man - Tical

Gang Starr - Hard to Earn

UMCs - Fruits of Nature

Diamond D - Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop

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Having a bit of hip-hop burnout today from listening to it almost exclusively this past week, so tonight:


David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust


Dinosaur Jr. - Fossils (primarily for the cover of the Cure's "Just Like Heaven", which is fantastic)


Belle & Sebastian - The Boy with the Arab Strap


Spent - Songs of Drinking and Rebellion


Kinghorse - S/T

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i got this weird idea..


a while back i was geeking out on krishna core (basically krishna influenced hymns in english with hardcore music style)- anyway, i found a website where someone had set up a profile and uploaded tons of krishna core albums to their page (http://krishnacore.multiply.com/). They wanted to share the dharma and all someone had to do is set up a profile on the site, email them through the site, and then they'd give out their password to the account so the uploaded albums could be accessed.


as i was reading through this thread wanting some new music to rock, i got to thinking we could start a vegan body building page that would allow us share our favorite music with each other... truth be told, i mostly want to tap into xdarthveganx's collection (we met in june, i was hanging at the count's place for a week...) but i'm open.


if there's interest i'll start it up...

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