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What Are You Listening To Now?


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Pearl Jam - Ten

I forgot how much I love this album, ahhh it takes me back, wonder where my flannel Shirts and Cardigans went...


Lady Gaga - The Fame

Very Trashy and Twinky, but I love it, ha ha


Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream

Almost Glam Rock like.... Glitter makeup Rocks!

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Yes on the WII. Your voice was awful. I still think you're were pretending to sound bad. Because I heard you sound really good before.


Here's what I"m listening to right now. And no not this song either. lol

Sorry Dry. You're more of a country singer then anything.


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Tonight's work playlist -


J Dilla - Donuts


Third Eye Foundation - Collected Works


u-ziq - Lunatic Harness


Zion I - Mind Over Matter


But, three things have been staying on repeat over and over again and I can't get them out of my head...



A shorter version than on the CD, but still, one of my most recent favorite tracks



Might just get to see them coming here next week!



One of my favorite songs of all time (definitely not for everyone, though), with the absolute best being from 3:40 to 4:20 for some of the most carefully constructed chaos I've ever heard. Yeah, I used to be a nerd for that kind of electronica years ago.

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Scatterheart - "The Masterplan" album


Propaghandi - "The Supporting Caste" album


Lacuna Coil - "Shallow Life" album


Bif Naked - "The Promise" album


Black Label Society - "Skullage" album


That's all on my ipod right now

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