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What Are You Listening To Now?


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Yeah I love crass. I have a big ass poster I got with that album on my wall.


I also got the limited edition colored vinyl.


Which poster is that?

I have the Feeding of the 5000 on vinyl, and the sleeve folds out to a big poster that has a dismembered, charred hand around barbed wire in a warzone and reads "Your country needs YOU". It's pretty powerful, but I wouldn't want to look at it all the time.


If you like CRASS, you would/probably do like the [HUM][ANS]. You should check them out if you don't like them already.


Speaking of cool looking records, I just got a photodisc (vinyl) of Rancid's "And out come the wolves". The record is so pretty. And it kicks ass too.


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I know, I'm working hard at the moment on Vegan Holiday Festival stuff, it's just what I'm listening to. I know there is more to life, which is why I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week......I just listen to these guys to remind me of the days when I was a pretty boy myself.


I used to get mixed up with Nick Carter. People thought I was him. He was voted as one of the top 25 sexiest men in the world or something like that at one point, so I felt good about that


Check out this video and tell me he doesn't look like me when I was that age (if you've seen any photos)




Here is a quick bio, we're pretty similar....we both dated Paris Hilton for a brief period.


One of Teen People Magazine's "21 Hottest Stars Under 21" in 1999. Voted Sexiest Man Of The World by CosmoGirl Magazine. In April, 1993, he and four other boys put a group together, The Backstreet Boys He has sold over 72 million albums worldwide as part of the Backstreet Boys He has his own boat racing team called 'Nick Carter Racing'. His team won the first race they attended, the Daytona Harley Davidson Offshore Grand Prix in Daytona on April 30th, 2002. Dated Paris Hilton(December 2003

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Ok, last Nick Carter post:











Sorry to turn it into a boy band thread for a moment, but I'm really tired and can't think very clearly....or perhaps I'm thinking very clearly.

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