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Recommended by a friend


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A friend of mine from another fitness board recommended this site to me.


I am a long time vegetarian (13 years) but semi new vegan. I bounced back and forth for a few years but have finally made the commitment, not to go vegan again, but to make a permanent change.


I grew up a competitive swimmer but switched to running as my main training/stress relief/competition/ect. I still try and swim once a week or so, along with regular lifting and other cross training.

Right now I am training for a half marathon.


Umm, what else? I am currently a waitress until I go back to school in the fall. I live in VA but have lived in 4 different countries and even got my BA from the University of Hawaii.

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Welcome to our group!


Great to have you here! I'd like to thank you friend who told you about us. I have no idea who it is, but that was nice of them.


We're happy to have you as part of our group and we're looking forward to hearing more from you.


We have other endurance athletes on here. One of them was just staying at my house and left this morning. I know we have other members in your area and there are often regional meet-ups and gatherings so there will be an opportunity to meet up with like-minded people.


I was in VA over the summer and hung out with some forum members there


All the best and welcome aboard!

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