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America's Sexiest Vegetarian Contest

Guest veganpotter

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Alright guys...I don't want to say anything but I just got an e-mail from PETA saying they were only going to accept photos of other vegetarians/vegans to go through the protocol. As soon as I sent mine in I got an imediate phone call saying it was all over and I already won. Sorry fellas...if you want I can sell you two tickets to Maui but since the Sexiest Vegetarian in America won them you'll have to pay a premium on the seats.

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Man, that's rough. But hey..........will you take me with you???????????




I just submitted my photos and bio today. The deadline is tomorrow. Get your info sent in fool!




Here is what I came up with in the end.










Potter, I hope we don't have to compete head to head.....or have Ed, You, and I all on the same ballot.


But if so, it will be fun too!


As long as one of us gets in the top 10, we'll be happy and the whole forum can support that person.


If none of us get in, I'll still vote and it will be great!


If we're ALL on there, I guess that would be pretty awesome. Then we can bribe our members to vote for us

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Great photos Cubby!!!!


You are right about that crowd too. There are certainly a lot of people at Peta who really go for that look! That is all part of it...knowing who is selecting the top 10 spots, targeting that audience and putting something together (photos+bio) to make it work.


Well done! I think a few others from here have also entered. I think it would be great to have someone from the forum on the voting ballot!


That is a really good collection of pics. I have a feeling you'll be one of the people I can vote for in a few weeks!


Thanks for entering. I spoke with Ingrid Newkirk from Peta today (she was in town) and told her people on our forum are entering the contest She was pleased to know some Vegan Bodybuilding members have entered

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Alright guys...here are the photos that made you all lose to me...also if you guys and gals want them...I can print them and sign them for $200 each...well Robert is my buddy so forum members get them for $195...I'll sign them myself for an extra $500...otherwise someone paid to learn my signature will be signing them







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Yup the deadline is tonight...but remember they already told me the contest is over...there are however still a few prizes left since...not as many as you may think since they said they were giving me the 2nd and 3rd place prizes too. Actually now...the 2nd and 3rd place winners get 50% off my "real" autographed photos

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Awesome that a bunch of us from here entered. Did any women from here enter? It seems at this point only men so far.


Hopefully someone makes the voting ballot. I'd love to see someone from here on there! Thanks for your participation. And Potter, when you win please take me to Hawaii with you!

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I remember the arrangement. Why do you think I worked so hard on this? I carefully refined by bio answers to speak to my target audience. I narrowed down my top 15 to 5 and then finally 3, after weeks of forum member feedback. I consulted a professional photographer, took polls on myspace and even met with Ingrid Newkirk from PETA last night (photo of us to be posted when I get home).


I actually don't care about being America's Sexiest Vegetarian (potter, Odidnetne, and cubby already have that locked up), I just want to take you to Hawaii and I don't think I can afford the trip on Vega Sales in my region and DVD sales alone. I had to think of something, so this seemed like my best bet.


There are lots of other contests I'm entering to try to win trips to take you somewhere. But I won't do anything crazy.......not until the Vegan Vacation.

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you enter them in the USA and I will trawl the UK looking for holiday winning contests to enter ..


we could get a round the world trip with this if we are lucky


Other forum members are also welcome to enter and donate prizes to us ...


we are such sharers

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I'm up for another World Tour sometime soon! I haven't done that since 2003/2004 when I visited about 30 countries


Let's do it. I have a feeling you could win nearly any contest you enter.......no matter what it is! You can drag me around with you for exotic trips around the globe.



We'll start this summer in Portland and take off from there.

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