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my at family swap show again,..


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i spent one week at a small meat company with slaughtering,..


i just saw the trailer, the slaughtering will definatly be a "highlight" of the show,...



6.2.2007, 20.15h

6.2.2007, 23.55h

11.2.2007, 16.40h

ATV+ (austrian private tv)




here you can see pics in a slideshow, click on slideshow,..


show and trailer will be online as soon as we have it,..



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Felix, that is really f'ed up! I don't know how you suffered there like that! That is really heartbreaking. I'm in awe of what you will do for animal rights.


I couldn't find an Austrian translator, but German gives a rough translation. Here it is if you're trying to figure out the story to go with the pictures.


If a fanatischer Veganer to a traditional Fleischhauerfamilie exchanges is pre-programmed problems!

Felix must touch one week in the family-own enterprise of family Fraiss also! For the convinced Veganer that is the preliminary stage to hell! In the idyllischen Hönigsberg in the Steiermark lives the Fleischhauerfamilie Fraiss. On their family business Hans (52) and his Mrs. Martha (54) are powerfully proud: for meanwhile 60 years there is the small Fleischhauerei, in which also still one slaughters. Blood and dead animals - thus here nobody has a problem, finally gives it a quantity of people, which want to have daily their shred on the midday table…


Also son Martin (23) and Marthas sister Gertrude “Gerti” Gutschelhofer (50) belong to the meat striking he dynasty: Gerti leads a grocer's shop, in which naturally also meat is sold. Martin studies outward, but on the weekends he packs strongly also on in the enterprise of his parents. Also private like it the family gladly deftig, because their opinion according to belong meat simple to a healthy nutrition. Martha has already before beginning of the exchange adventure a bad vision: what, if the exchange person is vegetarian? Finally Fraiss turns in business and privately everything around Würstl and CO in the house.


If nevertheless “only” vegetarians were Fleischerin Martha exchange for one week life and everyday life with Felix Hnat (24), Veganer and radical Tierschützer. That lives together with its friend Susanne Cejka (25) and friend Jürgen putrid man (37) in a veganen WG in Viennese new city. Here no meat does not only come on the table, also all animal products, like milk and eggs is taboo. All three used up themselves the animal protection. Jürgen is even full-time at an animal protection organization. The mission of the three: To convince mankind of the fact that one can live without animal products very well. That can be done best by means of loud demonstrations, which take place almost weekly.

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I couldn't find an Austrian translator, but German gives a rough translation.

Actually the language officially spoken in Austria is German. But that does not mean we understand eachother because of the strange dialect the austrians have


@Felix: Well done!


All I knew was that Germans can usually figure out what Austrians are talking about. Damned uneducated Americans!

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  • 3 weeks later...



first show (farm)


150 MB,


second show (butcher)


55 MB


have fun!


please contact me if you ever think of participating at something like that. i have enough tipps!



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Thanks for this. I really want to understand it, though! Any chance to get a transcript or voice-over translation, maybe?

Looks good.


I don't think I could make it through that slaughterhouse the way you did.


What were your feelings as you stood there before those dead bodies? I would imagine, anger, pain, deep sadness... Or were you able to separate yourself in your mind somehow? That would be very hard for me to do with something like this.

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