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Hello from sunny florida!


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Hello everyone. My name is Gabe I am 17 and I am from sunny Florida. I have been vegetarian for about a year, and been vegan for over a month now. I used to cheat and eat cheese alot before that. But I am a rather small build, 5'4" and about 117 lb. I am hoping that throughout this year with change in diet and more exercise that I can gain weight and possibly bulk up some. I look forward to learning alot from these messege boards. All other fitness things I find are always for omnivores. I guess they assume most vegetarians, especially vegans, don't work out. Anyways, this is an awesome website, I love it!



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Welcome Gabe!


How did you find us? We're glad you did. I know we have at least one other 17 year old too. Maybe more.


We have hundreds of vegan athletes here who can help keep you motivated and on track.


Enjoy your time here on the forum and welcome aboard!


Great to hear you're full on VEGAN now!

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Yeah, you look familiar. Probably from myspace. That is where a good 25% of the current members found us. What a great place to network.


We have other members in Florida too. We're trying to branch out all over the place.


Post any questions you have and usually within 24 hours you get feedback.


All the best!

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