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What do mean where am I going to train for it?

Here in Maine it is very hilly. there is not a lot of flat roads unlike the cape.

I think I will have to ride Mt. Ascutney a few times before hand.

However, I never thought I could get in so I have not come up with a training plan yet. This all just happened early this morning.

I am open to all suggestions.


P.s. I hope we are able to meet up in June when i am on the cape

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That's exactly what I meant - I just wondered if you would do any training in the mountains, which it sounds like you will.


The roads on the cape aren't too hilly at all, but the mt biking is pretty hilly. Guys that come from other places like the berkshires and new hampshire are always amazed at how hilly it is in the woods. I know the guys that made a lot of the mt biking trails back in the 80's and what they did was look on a topographic map of the cape to find the hilliest wooded areas - then they went and made the trails.


I went up to Kingdom Trails in VT (Burke Mt) in the fall - THAT was hilly. 1 mile straight up kind of hilly - granny gear all the way. Good stuff.


I'm jealous - that mt washington ride sounds like it will be an awesome challenge.

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I would surely be a spectator for this one, climbing is not something I enjoy although I'm beginning to stand it. In VA there is the Wintergreen Time Trial which is 6.7 miles and climbs add up to 2600" the only places with less than a 3 degree climb are a small 1/4 section near the middle and the last couple hundred feet...very few cat 1 men break 35 minutes. I'm thinking about doing it since I know I won't get the chance for a very long time...although I'm not even interested in doing it...its just the idea of being interested in doing it in the future.

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