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What languages do you speak?


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HERO said "rad". And here I was thinking I was all alone in keeping old school slang alive. LOL


Back to languages...I can sing in Italian, French, German, Latin, English, Gaelic, and Spanish. All of my foreign language vocabulary is very poetic and melodramatic, so no practical things like forks or bathroom locations pour moi! However, I did study French for many years and I'm currently re-studying it and I am continuing to learn Italian also right now. I LOVE foreign languages!! They are MUIS sexy....well most of them.

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Dutch, English (fluent), Mancunian (getting there ), German (reasonable), French & Italian (basic).

Italian must be my favourite language of those that I can actually (kind of) communicate in. Not much chance of me spending any considerable length of time in the country in the near future, but I still really like the sound of it.

I'm quite lucky in that I pick up words of any language fairly easily. The problem comes when grammar gets involved

I just love slang in any language! I'm still working on my Mancunian (the lingo they speak in Manchester, where I live) and the best compliment I've ever had was someone telling me that they'd never heard a foreigner with a mancunian accent as strong as mine!

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Hi! My native language is German, but all my life I wanted to learn to speak English fluently, but I always lacked time, motivation and in the end money. However, with time I was able to solve all these problems and decided to ask for help from AllRightPro teaching. In the end I made an absolutely right decision, as these guys were able to quickly teach me the basics of English, and then we moved on to more difficult topics. After 3 months of lessons, my English level is B2 and I'm not going to stop!

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