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Help with shoulders

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I've dislocated each shoulder three times in my life so I can't ever seem to lift the kid of weight I should to gain a lot of muscle on my shoulder.


I need help figuring out something to do on my shoulders that is easier on the shoulder joints and maximizes bulking capacity.


Any ideas?

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ok bighead,


what exercises are you doing to feel any pain?


is there any pain while not doing any lifts? ie, sleeping on it, once in a while, everyday?


I assume you have torn rotator cuff muscles and need to strengthen them before doing shoulder work again... Which everyone should be doing rotator cuff strengthening in general, never overlook them.


I myself have dislocated both my shoulders more than once or twice...



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well, the last time i dislocated one was the right one and that was ten years ago. i never get the pain during the actual excercise, so i can't figure out which sets are fucking me up. but the next day i know if i did something right or wrong.


i swam every day for 12 years, so i have the basic conditioning and such. but more often than not, when i use any kind of cable machine or hammer strenght machine with a lot of weight, which is probably crucial to bulking up around the shoulders, i end up with some pain the next day. i know that anything using the shoulder that extends toward the back (over my shoulders pulling forward kind of thing) is going to hurt the right one.


i guess i was just wondering about effective low impact methods for building a lot of muscle around the shoulder. i kind of feel funny that i can get big biceps//triceps/forarms, but i've never been able to build big shoulders, even when i was swimming.

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I don't have anything to add, other than the fact that I'm in the same boat. Both my shoulders have been dislocated, the right one once and the left one about half a dozen times. The last time the left one came out was while I was swimming.


I do some rotator cuff exercises (not enough ), and some shoulder exercises like lateral raises. I can't do a freeweight military press, because the weight on my shoulder can cause a dislocation if my form is not 100% perfect. So I have to use the smith or the machine press.

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Not necessarily will heavy weights build shoulders. I have done medium weights with alot of reps and sets (to failure and yes go for the burn) and have built them quite nicely. I would suggest that maybe for now, you should just play around with low weights and alot of reps in your sets. Feel the pump/or burn for now. I would also suggest pushing exercises instead of pulling. I couldn't do side laterals for awhile when I hurt my shoulder, so I did Military Press with the Smith Machine and experimented with how far back my seat was when I pushed up. Now I like to have the bar just miss my nose, but I also push it back till I am kind of doing a very sharp incline chest press but not so it hurts (front delts are worked this way and they are the ones that show the shoulders size first). We have an Icarian shoulder press that has a dumbell grip that I love to use when I have tweaked my shoulder too much. Perhaps holding your wrists in the midsagittal plane when working with dumbells would help the shoulder joint but still use the delt muscles.

Plus, as RawSteve suggested, always do some rotator cuff exercises to strengthen them up. Get into the habit of doing some during your warmup exercise set (that is what I do).

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I had a similar situation; I would lift and feel fine. The next day my shoulder joints were aching like hell. Well I continued like an idiot and wrecked my rotator cuffs even more than they were.


Long story short I began a rotator cuff program... This is after even taking 4 months off of weight training (not fun). This was not a good move at all; the longer you hold out getting those RC muscles and shoulders moving the more scar tissue can form. My pain never subsided until strengthening the RCM’s.


I believe that if you strengthen your cuff muscles you will have little pain leading to no pain!!! Usually takes six weeks of dedication for most people.


Here is a program you can use - http://familydoctor.org/265.xml

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