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Speaklow, I just went back through the thread and read your entry about Sisters! Sorry I had missed it before. I would be thrilled and honored to meet you on your way out to Florence! I'll send you a PM regarding the personal info so that this thread stays focused on those most amazing cupcakes!!


It seems to me that there is a surge of interest in cupcakes right now. Veganmadre's marvelous cupcakes are truly sexy! Her latest cupcake photos sport those raucus chocolate erectile projections that one can't wait to bite into, gently, of course!


My imagination soars when I think of you and Veganmadre together in a gourmet kitchen with plenty of unbleached parchment cup liners and a good steady oven! It won't be difficult to bulk up during the VV'07!


I do, of course, only use UNBLEACED Parchment cup liners! I use the Bakers Gourmet brand from Whole Foods!

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