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Is freeze dried still raw?


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Frozen foods, especially veggies are usually blanched first, as in flash boiled very high temp, short amount of time (basically cooking out the life and color...."blanched") and therefore NOT raw. Sometimes you can find some frozen fruits and the occasional veggie in the freezer section that are not blanched and those are ok, but not ideal.


From what I understand, freeze dried is also a process with high temp so again NOT raw.


Best way to go is fresh and organic! As a very loose general rule of thumb, if it can sit on the shelf without refrigeration, its not raw. I also always keep in mind that if it has a long shelf life, it probably has preservatives and might have a long shelf life in my body temple.


For non-refrigerated convenience try dried fruit, nuts, larabars, and there's this phi plus stuff my friend is a distributor for and its addicting. Its great though for camping or being on the go and its loaded with nutrients and made with the whole sacred geometry scheme in mind.


Hope this helps! LOL:)

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I agree Ed...if its dry for too long it may distroy too though...as in the case of beans...really old beans will not sprout...anyway some shelved foods are living...like kombucha(drink), tempeh, and miso

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yeah, thaanks dolce... but i knew all of that except the freeze dried stuff...


i've been vegan-organic for over a decade (nearly half my life). i can't eat soy or gluten, so that severely limits packaged goods anyway. trust me, my fridge is full of frash veggies and the couter is covered with bowls of fruit. i wasn't asking for advice on anything. i was purely asking if freeze dried was still raw. reason: i keep seeing freeze dried fruits at trader joe's in the dried fruit section. i tried the pineapple and it burned my tongue like concenetrated bromelin, so i was then wondering if it was raw. the whole idea of it being processed with high heat is strange, epecially for the fruits. but i guess it makes sense.


thanks to all!


oh, and what's this 'phi stuff'?

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Here is what the Raw Food Resource Guide, by Jeremy Safron

has to say about freeze dried stuff:




Most spirulina is freeze-dried. This breaks open the cell wall

(due to water expansion), increases the digestibility, and makes spirulina

more absorbable. This freeze-drying process does destroy the life force

(the ability to grow and create more life). A few companies sill solar-dry

their algae. Freeze-drying is considered raw by most, and so is spirulina.



Nuts and Nut Butters

There is a huge question about how nuts and seeds are dried.

Many seeds such as sesame are hulled using steam.

Some places still machine hull. Nuts must be dried before selling, and

many companies dry in kilns and ovens at well over 200 degrees F.

Nut butters that are made from "raw" nuts are sold as raw even if the nut

butter making equipment heated up well over 200 degrees F.

Truly raw nuts are usually freeze-dried.

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